List of Footballers with 100 or More Premier League Goals

Among all premier league footballers, do you think your favorite made it to the list of those scoring 100 or more goals? Well, we will find out. Way back in the ’90s, since the battle began.

List of Footballers with 100 or More Premier League Goals

Lots of players striving to hit that mark. Even if you are a player in the street, scoring 100 goals isn’t easy. There is greater difficulty in reaching 100 marks in a particular league.

So far so good, only 32 players have been able to make it to that list. Moreover, the list is also referred to as the Premier League 100 clubs.

The first-ever player to hit the mark is Alan Shearer. He is also the only one to score 100 in two different clubs. The youngest to have hit the mark is Michael Owen from England.

List of Footballers with 100 or more Premier League Goals

The Premier League 100 club contains 32 players. They are the only footballers to score 100 or more Premier League goals. What is more exciting is that Michael Owen is the only one on the list to win the Ballon d’Or. Here they are:

  1. Alan Shearer has 260 goals.
  2. Harry Kane has 213 goals.
  3. Wayne Rooney has 208 goals.
  4. Andy Cole has 187 goals.
  5. Sergio Aguero has 184 goals.
  6. Frank Lampard has 177 goals.
  7. Thierry Henry has 175 goals.
  8. Robbie Fowler has 163 goals.
  9. Jeermain Defoe has 162 goals.
  10. Michael Owen has 150 goals.
  11. Les Ferdinand has 149 goals.
  12. Teddy Sheringham has 146 goals.
  13. Robin Van Persie has 144 goals.
  14. Mohamed Salah has 141 goals.
  15. Jamie Vardy has 128 goals.
  16. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has 127 goals.
  17. Robbie Keane has 126 goals.
  18. Nicolas Anelka has 125 goals.
  19. Dwight Yorke has 123 goals.
  20. Steven Gerrard has 120 goals.
  21. Romelu Lukaku has 118 goals.
  22. Raheem Sterling has 117 goals.
  23. Ian Wright has 113 goals.
  24. Dion Dublin has 111 goals.
  25. Emilie Heskey has 110 goals.
  26. Ryan Giggs has 109 goals.
  27. Peter Crouch has 108 goals.
  28. Sadio Mane has 107 goals.
  29. Paul Scholes has 107 goals.
  30. Darren Bent has 106 goals.
  31. Son Heung-min 106
  32. Didier Drogba has 104 goals.
  33. Matt le Tissier has 100 goals.

Has any Premier League Team Scored 100 Goals in a Season?

Not only footballers have scored 100 or more premier league goals. There are premier league teams that hit that mark in just a season.

Manchester City has hit that mark having 106. Manchester City is the team to have the most goals scored in a season the second to hit the mark.

Who has scored the most Premier League Goals in Football History?

Out of all, or the huge list of premier league footballers, Alan Shearer scored 100 and the most goals having 260. He surpassed the second on the list with 52 goals.

He is the first to enter the Premier League 100 clubs. Moreover, Alan Shearer has fewer appearances than anyone who has hit the mark.

Premier League Top 10 Assists 2020/21

On the leaderboard, we have the top 11 players who have the most goal assists in the Premier League 20/21. Among the list, Kevin De Bruyne has the least appearance which is 25. Also, Harry Kane is the highest having 14 assists. So, here they are:

  1. Harry Kane has 14 assists.
  2. Kevin De Bruyne has 12 assists.
  3. Bruno Fernandes has 12 assists.
  4. Son Heung-min has 10 assists.
  5. Jack Grealish has 10 assists.
  6. Jamie Vardy has 9 assists.
  7. Marcus Rashford has 9 assists.
  8. Rafinha Belloli has 9 assists.
  9. Timo Werner has 8 assists.
  10. Aaron Cresswell has 8 assists.
  11. Pascal Grob has 8 assists.

Do you know Harry and Jamie are the only footballers to score 100 or more premier league goals on the list? They are among the premier league 100 clubs. The two have been so consistent scoring a great number of goals and assists.

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