YTS – Download Free YIFY Movies |

On the internet today their thousands of movies and tv series websites where you can easily watch and download your favorite films for free. Most of the websites are very current on the latest released movies and tv series while some are not. One of these websites I will recommend for you is the website which was once called YIFY.

YTS - Download Free YIFY Movies |

What Is the YTS (YIFY) Website?

YTS is an online web platform, where you can download the latest YTS YIFY movies in HD’s smallest size. It allows you to browse and download all of the YIFY movies in different qualities like 4K 2160p, 1080p, 720p, and in 3D. You can get all the excellent quality movies at the smallest file size using the YTS Movies Torrents file.

Note; the website, which is the official new domain for the YIFY Movies download site. The YTS or YIFY movies website only offers users movies to download, you can’t find or download Tv shows or Tv series from the website. If you are looking for the latest, newly released, and trending movies to download watch online you can find any on the YTS website.

YTS movies download website has one of the best and simplest interfaces. You can easily navigate around the website using the categories. And also the Quick search bar to find the movies you want to download and watch.

On the YTS or YIFY movies homepage, you will see a list of movies based on users’ favorites and released dates like Popular download, Latest YIFY Movies Torrents, and the Upcoming YIFY Movies. YTS allows you to request a Movie you want to download and watch when you can’t find it on the website.

Note download from the YTS or YIFY movies online website is free, you don’t have to pay any subscription fee or register for an account. Well the YTS website does have a Login and Register page, for users who want to request a movie they want to watch. So, for you to request a movie, you must register for an account on the YIFY movies tv site.

Categories on The YIFY Website

The YTS movies online website, has few categories, unlike other websites that have too many categories. You don’t need to stress yourself entering too many categories before you can find the movie you want to download. At the top section of the homepage or the movie page, you will see categories like;

  1. Home
  2. 4K
  3. Trending
  4. Browse Movies
  5. Login/Register

With the above-listed categories, you can easily navigate around the YTS website to download movies or request a movie you want to watch offline. On the YTS website, you will find both old and new movies from 2011 to 2020 still the current year.

Search for Movies on

Instead of using the 4K or Trending or Browse Movies categories on the YTS movies online to find your favorite movie, you can make use of the search bar. Type in the movie’s name to make a Quick search for any movie you want to download. It is very simple to search for movies on the YIFY stream website.

You just only need to type the first to fifth little of the movie and a drop-down list will appear. Listing movies based on your search query. Then you can click on the correct movie you want to download.

How to Download Movies from YTS YIFY Website

The YST YIFY movie download site allows you to download any of its uploaded movies to your mobile phone or desktop computer. All you just need is to download the uTorrent app on whichever device you want to use in downloading your movie. You can follow the below step to download your favorite movies from YIFY stream tv.

  1. Go to the official YTS YIFY movies download tv.
  2. Make use of the search bar to find the movie you want to download.
  3. Or you can make use of the Browse Movies category to find the movie you want to download.
  4. When you do find the movie you want to download, click on it.
  5. On the download page, click on the available quality of the movie you want to download your movie in.

Then, the Torrent file will start downloading, when it finishes downloading, click on the Torrent file. Wait for the uTorrent app to pop up then start your download.


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