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Yahoo Mail Recovery – How to Recover my Yahoo Mail Account ID

by sportspaedia

How to recover my Yahoo Mail account ID/password? Your Yahoo ID gives you access to your Yahoo mail account. So, if you have forgotten your Yahoo Mail ID or your Yahoo account has been hacked by someone else. The Yahoo mail recovery steps will help you get back into your Yahoo account. If your Yahoo account gets looked, it may be because of too much attempt of trying to sign in to your Yahoo mail account.


Yahoo Mail Recovery - How to Recover my Yahoo Mail Account ID

Yahoo had to look it because it might be hackers trying to get into your Yahoo account. Your Yahoo account will be restored after 12 hours, then you can visit the Yahoo sign-in page to login to your Yahoo account. But if you forgot your Yahoo password or Yahoo ID, you can recover it back using your Recovery phone number or email address?

Recovery your Yahoo account, you can do that by either resetting your password, if you add a recovery phone number or email address to your account. Not without your Yahoo ID, you can’t gain access to the Yahoo platform, non every thinks of sending or view sent in a message from anyone. Your Yahoo account is very important to you, so let get you back to your account.

How to Recover my Yahoo Mail Account ID

To recover your Yahoo account, you will have to provide your email address or mobile number. So as your recovery phone number and recovery email address. So, let get you into your account.

  1. On any of the Yahoo mail platform, using your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Go to the Yahoo account page.
  3. Enter your recovery phone number or Yahoo email address.
  4. Enter your recovery phone number.
  5. Then click on continue.
  6. On the next page, if you have to phone number inserted on a phone, click on “Yes, send me a code”.
  7. Or you can click on “Try another way to sign in”.
  8. Then enter your Yahoo email address.
  9. Click on continue.
  10. Then select an option to sign to your account.
  11. Choose your Yahoo recovery email address.
  12. Then enter the 8 digits verification code which was sent to your recovery email.
  13. Then click on the “Verify” icon.

Note if you don’t have a recovery email attached to your Yahoo mail account or a recovery phone number attached to it, am sorry it won’t be easy to recover your Yahoo account.

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