Yahoo Biz Mail – How to Setup a Small Business Email on Yahoo

How do I create or set up a Yahoo Business Email or how does Yahoo Biz mail works? Yahoo Biz mail is a special email that is built for you to create for your business. Big organizations and companies do make use of the Yahoo Bizmail which they use to send mail to their business partners. The Yahoo small business email address works in a way it creates an email address that aligns with your business domain and helps make your brand standard. After you set up your business mail, you can make use of it on the Yahoo business mail app on your phone.

Yahoo Biz Mail - How to Setup a Small Business Email on Yahoo

Furthermore, there is a big difference between Business Mail and Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mail is one of the best ways which help you to stay in touch with your friends and family. While, Yahoo Bizmail is known to be the best way which helps small- and large-scale organizations run their business and manage all their employees. The Yahoo Biz Mail features are somehow similar to that of Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Bizmail offers you the ability to send and receive mail (Messages), add new mailbox or aliases, you can reset your password, and a lot more. Yahoo business mail offers you an Email address that comes with a free 1TB storage space, which is equivalent to 1000 GB. With the large storage space on your Yahoo business mailbox, you don’t have to delete mail to create or save space for other incoming mail. 1TB is the largest amount of storage space Yahoo Bizmail would give you for free, any other additional one needed, you will have to subscribe for it.

Yahoo Biz Mail Business Plan

Yahoo offers you 2 methods of Business plan, monthly and annually. You can choose to make use of the free plan which does not require any credit card. Or you can make use of the Recommended plan for $34 monthly + $85/yr for the Monthly plan or $27.03 monthly + $73/yr for the Annually plan. Yahoo Biz Mail allows you8 to customize your plan all by yourself, either monthly or annually.

How to Setup Yahoo Bizmail for Small Business

The Yahoo small business mail makes use of the best security technology, which helps to keep you secure in every activity and keep your safety online. Over 15 billion spam messages are been blocked daily by the Yahoo Bizmail security system. Yahoo Small Business offers you different type of business mailbox which comes with 1 Mailbox, 5 Mailbox, 10 Mailbox, and 20+ Mailboxes. Follow the below steps to create or set up your Yahoo Bizmail Email.

  1. Go to the Yahoo Bizmail official website, URL “here“.
  2. Click on Get Started.
  3. Enter what type of business you want to start up.
  4. Next, enter the name of your business.
  5. Click on Continue.
  6. Then choose a plan for your business.
  • It will then direct you to the sign up page where you then create your Business Email address.

Sign Up for a Yahoo Business Email

To create a Business Email on the Yahoo mail platform, you will be needing your Business name and a password. Follow the below steps to set up your Yahoo Bizmail.

  1. Enter your first and last name.
  2. Then enter a valid email address. It must be an existing Yahoo email address to which you have access.
  3. Then create a password for your Business email, which only you can have access to.
  4. Tap on Tick the two boxes, to agree to Yahoo Business terms and policy.
  5. Lastly, tap on the continue button.

After the above steps are well followed, on the next page, you will need to review your order, if you are not satisfied you can click on the Edit Order below. Then if you are satisfied with your order, click on the Continue button.

How to Activate Your Yahoo Business Email

To activate you’re your Yahoo Bizmail Email, you will need to verify your Yahoo Small Business account. On the Email you provided when creating your business account, open the email message titled Yahoo Small Business. Click on the Activate my account link.

It will then take you to the Yahoo Bizmail login page, enter your password which you created when signing up for your business account. Then click on the Login button. On the next page, follow the onscreen instruction to step up your Yahoo Biz Mail Business Account Profile.


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