What is XResolver? [+6 Best Alternatives]

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What is the XResolver all About?

XResolver is a website that stores player’s IP Addresses concerning their Gamertags and online profiles. It should be noted that this particular information is public, so sharing it on public websites is technically legal.

What is XResolver? [+6 Best Alternatives]

The X Resolver is a very useful tool for those who love playing computer games or games on Xbox and PlayStation regularly.

The XResolver is a platform that contains an Xbox resolver that scraps data and allows users to input their Xbox or PlayStation Gamertag and convert it to an IP address or vice versa.

The information displayed on the XResolver is public making it legal. However, it depends on the way this information is utilized.

Features on the XResolver

The first thing you notice when you visit the XResolver website is the number of features available on the platform. Here are the explanations of the features of the XResolver:


There are three types of resolvers on the XResolver website for different purposes. These are the types of Resolvers:

1. Xbox Resolver

This tool is a GamerTag to IP Address Resolver. It is the only working resolver with millions of gamertags on its database and many more added daily.

2. PlayStation Resolver

The PlayStation Resolver is similar to the Xbox Resolver. It converts the PlayStation username to an IP address resolver.

3. Premium Geo IP

This is a tool that allows a user to look up all the data available on an IP Address. The data searched for is provided by the internet service provider of the IP itself.

Misc. tools

The misc. tools are short for miscellaneous tools. This section has a lot of tools like:

1. IP Logger

This tool allows users to create custom links that they can send to people to determine their IP addresses.

2. PlayStation Username Checker

This tool can come in handy to PlayStation users as it helps users check if the PlayStation Network username is available before starting the registration process.

3. IP Storage

The IP storage feature allows users to store the IP Addresses they want to save and organize them for you. The maximum number of IPs a user can store is 25 on the free account and unlimited on the premium account.

4. Phone Lookup

The phone look feature can show users information about the phone number that you type and display the country, location, line type, and carrier of the number.

5. Nmap Port Scan

This feature allows users to scan the Network Mapper ports of their choice from their servers safely without exposing their IP.

Other exclusive features require users to pay to access these special features. The tools available in the exclusive section are:

6. Remove Data

This feature allows users to blacklist another person’s Gamertag or username from being resolved through their services.

7. Premium access

To gain premium access to all the services XResolver has to offer. Subscribing to the Premium access plan will allow users to have unlimited resolving, make the IPv4/IPv6 of people who have clicked on your IP Logger, and others. The price of premium access feature costs $7.99 per month.

How to sign up for XResolver

The steps to signing up for XResolver are very easy to do and can be done in basically 3 minutes if you have all the necessary details ready. Here are the steps to signing up for XResolver:

  • Open your web browser and locate the search tab
  • Visit XResolver.com
  • On the right top corner, tap on the mask logo
  • Click on “register”  in the options
  • Enter you’re the username of your choice and email address
  • Create a password and confirm it
  • Click on Register to complete the signing up process.

After the signing-up process is complete, you can now view your dashboard. The dashboard is filled with many features to ensure maximum gaming experience.

Alternatives to XResolver

The alternatives that will be listed in this section of this article are sure to provide a safe and stress-free gaming experience. Here is the list of alternatives:

1. OctoSniff

It simply filters packets, decrypts the user names in them, and links the username to PlayStation games. Octosniff also helps users retrieve packets from games on Xbox.

2. Xboxonebooter

Xboxonebooter is a website that extracts your IP address from your Xbox console and gives you an edge in winning the game. Users can send an attack to boot another gamer offline. It is used by gamers who want to win at all costs.

3. PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter uses the same method of booting. It extracts and boots the IP addresses of PS4 players and teaches you to boot offline through your console.

4. Lanc Remastered PCPS

This website is an open-source network that contains Gamertags and aids your searching for Gamertag on their database. However, this information is already publicly available and is therefore legal.

5. IP Location Finder

This website displays your current IP address and helps you to find the location, time zone, ISP provider, and area of anyone you search for on the website.

6. XboxReplay

XboxReplay possesses an algorithm your share Xbox clips and screenshots with another gamer on the search bar on their website. It is an open-source network and its services are completely free.

Gamers can keep themselves safe when playing games online by using a VPN to conceal their IP addresses and looking out for hackers by checking Gamertags for hackers.

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