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Gaana happens to be that one-stop solution you have been looking for; where you can get all the music you need. It is known as the number one #1, the largest music streaming service in India having over 200 million users both non-registered and registered on a monthly basis. doesn’t only cover the entire Indian music catalog, but it is also involved in international music content.


It has a huge music collection from different artists worldwide; this means anyone across the world from any location can make use of the Gaana platform. It is an Indian Company; It offers music in 21 languages from India like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and a lot more; you can stream music online on Gaana in English.

Gaana offers users a Premium account priced at ₹99 per month (Within India) or $3.99 per month (outside India). The Founder of Gaana; was not one person, but it was formed by a partnership. To most people “Gaana” is an India Country app, well it is mostly used by Indians but it is available and accessible worldwide by anyone.

You get to listen to music or songs online from different artists, or any of your favorite choice; users can as well download them to listen to offline. The website offers its users unlimited access to over 30 million free Hindi songs & English mp3 songs, Bollywood music, regional music & Mirchi play, and a lot more.

Gaana is available across different devices, you can make use of it via your mobile device, and also with your PC devices. You just need to get access to the platform either with the mobile app or its official website,

You can download and install the Gaana app from any of the available app stores; on the Google Play Store for Android or on the Apple Store for iOS (iPhone) users.

Categories on Gaana

Gaana is the best Indian music app and website, it has a lot of categories you can make use of to find the music or songs you want to download and listen to. Below are the amazing Genres of music on the platform;

  1. Trending Songs.
  2. New Songs.
  3. Old Songs.
  4. Moods & Genres.
  • Party.
  • Romance.
  • 90s & Early 2000s.
  • Retro.
  • Indie.
  • Bhaki.
  • EDM.
  • Festivals.
  1. Album.
  2. Radio.
  3. Podcast.
  4. My Music.

The above is a list of categories on the Gaana website and app, you can choose from any of them on the platform to listen to music based on the mood you are in at that time.

How to search for MP3 music or Songs on Gaana

If you don’t know the category where the music or songs you want to listen to or download, you can use the search box to look for it. But you must know the name of the music or song in mind. Follow the below steps to search;

  1. Click on the search box.
  2. Type in the music name.
  3. Then click on the search bar.

After you do so, your search begins; just wait for a little. Then it will display different results based on what your search query is. You can then make your choice from the list of displayed results, either to list or download.

How to Sign Up for an Account on Gaana

You can register for a free account on the website, and then later upgrade your account to get more with Gaana Plus. Here is how to become a free user;

  1. Visit the app or website “Here“.
  2. Click on the Sign In/Sign Up button.
  3. Enter an email address.
  4. Provide a name for your account.
  5. Create a Login password.
  6. Choose your gender, male or female.
  7. Agree to Gaana’s terms and conditions.
  8. Confirm you’re not a robot.
  9. Then, click on “Continue”.

You will have to verify the Email Address you provided, and check your Mail for an OTP code sent by “Gaama gaana”. Then type in the code on the verification field, and click on “Verify”. Then you will be directed to your account.

How to Login to Your Gaana Account

You can sign in to your Gaana account anytime you want to with your email address and password. Here is how it works;

  1. Visit the App or website.
  2. Tap on the “Sign In” button.
  3. Enter your Email address.
  4. Your password.
  5. Then click on “Sign In”.

Make sure you enter the email address you use to sign up for an account, so you will automatically be logged in to your account.

Listen to Music or Songs on Gaana

You can listen to music or songs on Gaana both on the app or website with ease. Without even signing in to your account you can play music for free.

Navigate around the platform, and look for the music you want to listen to. When you see the song, click on it, and it will automatically play.

You can decide to listen to the entire album of the artist, just click on the “Play” button.

How to Download Music on Gaana

Before you can download any music or songs on this platform; after you have upgraded your account to get Gaana Plus. However, only then can you download music and listen to them offline and online anytime you want to. Here is how the download works;

  1. Look for the music.
  2. You can make use of the search box, or any of the music categories.
  3. Click on the music when you see it.
  4. Now, you will see a drop-down button, and from there click on “Download”.

There the download will start; you will be notified when it finishes downloading. Then you can create a playlist and add any music of your choice to it. You can make your playlist public so anyone on the Gaana platform can check it out.


Is Gaana Music Free?

Gaana is a free music platform, every music or song in Mp3 format you find on the website or app is completely free to download and listen to online or offline.

You don’t need to sign up for an account or log in to an existing account to listen to music online.

But it does offer an account creation for users to set up an account to get access to its premium plan known as Gaana Plus.

Is Gaana app Free to Download?

The app is completely free for users to download and make off, but you will need an internet connection to make use of the app. If you want to make use of the Gaana app in offline mode, you need to go Ad-free or Get Gaana Plus. Then you can download music or songs from the platform to listen to offline anytime you want.

Is it Free to Download from the Gaana Platform?

No! It is free to listen to platforms both on the App and website, but you will have to pay to download music or songs on it to listen to. To do that you will have to sign up for an account and subscribe to the Get Gaana Plus plan.

Is Gaana a Good app?

Yes! The app is a good app to make use of, I will recommend it to you as it is 100% safe to make use of. You can get all the latest Hindi music, Bollywood Music, English music, or songs to download and listen to online and offline.

Is Safe?

Yes! The platform is safe to make use of, you don’t need to think of your safety. All the information you provide on the Gaana platform all safe. The website won’t share any of its users’ data with anyone without the awareness of the user.

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