WellsFargo.com/Confirmcard – Confirm & Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card

What to do when you receive your New Wells Fargo Credit Card

You applied for a credit card offered by Wells Fargo, and you just recently received it. For you to start making use of your new card, it needs to be activated here at WellsFargo.com/Confirmcard or at WellsFargo.com/activatecard. Note; you won’t be able to use your WellsFargo new card without activating it.

WellsFargo.com/Confirmcard - Confirm & Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card

If you don’t know how to activate your new Wells Fargo card; you are in the right place to do so.


WellsFargo.com/Confirmcard is the official website portal of Wells Fargo, where its member or cardholder can activate and confirm their new credit card. There are different ways or options by Wells Fargo, for new cardholders to activate and confirm their card. Below are the options;

  1. Online Activation Via the Wells Fargo website “WellsFarge.com/Activatecard” and Mobile app.
  2. Card activation over the phone.
  3. Card Activation through an ATMs.

How to WellsFargo.com/Confirm & Activate my Card Online

The online process is one of the easiest ways to activate/confirm your new Wells Fargo Credit Card. Follow the below steps to https://www.WellsFargo.com/ConfirmCard;

  1. Go to https://confirmcard.wellsfargo.com/.
  2. Provide your credit card number.
  3. The Credit card number is usually a 15- or 16-digit number.
  4. Now click on “Confirm”.

If you enter the full account number on your Wells Fargo CC, you will successfully confirm and activate your card online.

Activating your Wells Fargo Card CC Via App

You can easily activate/confirm your Wells Fargo CC with the mobile app. Follow the below steps;

  1. Open the app store, depending on the Smartphone you make use of.
  2. Search for the Wells Fargo Bank app, and download and install it.
  3. Now, create a mobile banking account, and login.
  4. Go to the CC section, and click on the “Activation or Confirmation” section.

Then follow the prompt instruction to activate your new card. Note; you are to set up a mobile banking account with your Mobile phone number and your Wells Fargo Credit Card number.

Wells Fargo Card Activation Over the Phone

You simply activate and confirm your card when you make a call via the WellsFargo toll-free number. Then follow the instruction the customer services prompt you, then you will successfully confirm/activate your new Wells Fargo card. Note; during the Activation/Confirmation, you will be asked to provide your card details.

How to get Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Number

If you are having issues when you try to confirm/Activate your WellsFargo new card, you can contact its customer service.

  1. Visit the Wells Fargo website https://www.wellsfargo.com/.
  2. Click on the “About Us” button.

On the next page, you will find the Wells Fargo customer services phone number. You can dial in on your phone to resolve the issue with your new card activation.

Activate & Confirm your Card Through WellsFargo AMTs

You can also activate your Wells Fargo credit card by simply visiting one of its ATMs nearest to you. Below is how to WellsFargo Com Confirm & Activate your new Card.

  1. Visit any of WellsFargo ATMs.
  2. Slot in your card.
  3. On your card, access the ATMs with the PIN that comes with your card info.
  4. On the next screen on the ATMs, enter your new PIN.

The new PIN you generate will be your Wells Fargo Credit Card PIN, which you can use to confirm payment or confirm withdrawal anytime.

How to Find Wells Fargo Bank (ATMs) Near Me

To do this activation for your new card, you need to visit any of WellsFargo ATMs close to you. You can make use of the Wells Fargo locator website.

  1. Visit https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/ to look for the nearest AMTs to you.
  2. Then enter your location where you are.
  3. And click on the “Search” button.

And Wells Fargo locator will help narrow your search and look for the nearest ATMs for you to activate your new card.

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