10 Weirdest Sports in the World You Didn’t Know

Have you ever thought about sports that could be very weird? Well, read to the very end and you would be shocked. In this guide are the 10 weirdest sports in the world you didn’t know about. Over the past years, sports have become one of the most important activities invented for entertainment and fun.

Weirdest Sports in the World

Popular games like Football, tennis, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball are played by millions of people worldwide. However, they are some weird sports games in the world you probably don’t know about.

There are modern games that don’t get much admiration and attention like other sports mentioned above. If you wondering what they look like, just take a sit and relax. Read on as we talk about the 10 weirdest and craziest sports in the world that will surprise you.

10 Weirdest Sports in the World You Didn’t Know

Without much ado, below are the 10 weirdest sports in the world you didn’t know Take a look and I am sure you will like to give them a go yourself.

1. Extreme Ironing

Just like the name implies, it is a game that involves individuals ironing clothing items in remote and extreme locations on boards they carry along with them. Started in 2002 at the first extreme ironing Word Champions in Germany, this game has taken place in different nations. You can do this sport while canoeing, on mountainsides, parachuting, or snowboarding among other locations and situations.

Since the sport was started, competitors have ironed clothing items underwater, on Mount Everest, and in the middle of the United Kingdom highway, amongst other extreme locations. Presently, it is known to be the latest dangerous sport joining the thrills of extreme outdoor activities.

2. Shin Kicking

Originating in England in the early seventeenth century, this became popular in Cornwall. Also known as Shin digging, it is very easy to play and self-explanatory. Kick your opponent in their shin until they lose and fall down. Once you manage to do that, you have won the round. However, with just 3 rounds you have to play, you just have to win 2 rounds to be declared the champion of Shin kicking.

3. Underwater Hockey

Hockey is an amazing game that requires a good amount of skill. Now, just imagine it underwater. Underwater hockey was invented in the year 1950 by the British Navy in order to keep divers agile and strong underwater. Now, it is played around the world in a swimming pool. Each player ears a diving mask, fin, snorkel, and glove to protect their hands.

However, players move the weighted pucks with a short one-handed stick and try their best to get them into a metal goal that stays on the bottom of each pool end.

4. Chess Boxing

It is just the way it sounds. Chess is a board game and boxing is a physical sport. This unusual sport was started in 3003 in Berlin and become popular ever since then. Now, it is played yearly in Russia, Germany, and Great Britain with major sponsors.

This game consists of five boxing matches and six chess matches that last three minutes. One after the other while the standard game of chess drops understandably, the fight goes on. This game was invented by Lepe Ubingh a Dutch performance artist who knew it will be a good idea to match two opposite games together.

In order to create a strange and hybrid type of sport. Players win by Checkmate, Knockout, other opponent resigning, technical knockout, or exceeding the set time limit during the chess game rounds.

5. Hot Dog Eating Contest

If you are a resident or citizen of the United States, you may be familiar with the hot dog eating contests. And most especially the Nathans Famous international hot dog eating contest that takes place every year on July 4 at New York’s Coney Islands.

This game involves competitors eating as many buns and hot dogs as they can eat in just 10 minutes. The hot dog and buns are often dipped in a liquid to make them go down quicker. In 2021, Joy Chestnut ate 76 hot dogs and buns and won the competition for the 14th time.  And also beat his own record of 75.

6. Chess Rolling

Well, I will say this is one of the weirdest sports I have ever seen in my life. This race takes place every year in Gloucester. Nine Pound Wheel of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill and Contestants chase after it.  The first person who gets to the finish line at the bottom goes home with the cheese.

Gloucester Hill is very uneven and steep, making contestants roll down at a quiet given speed. And as result, many get injuries every time. However, this weird stop still continues with no management. Giving chances to more unofficial events in the United Kingdom and other countries.

7. Toes Wrestling

I am pretty sure you have heard about arm wrestling but what about toe wrestling? Toe Wrestling is another crazy and weird sport in the world. In this sport, two contestants lock their feet and make moves to pin each other down.

And just like so many weird sports, this sport originated in the United Kingdom. It was created by four drinking buddies in a pub in 1974 while discussing the fact that the UK has no world sports champions.

So, they got the idea that if they created a new sport and no one else knew about it, they could finally have a champion. One of the four people who created the sport Mick Dawson became the first person to win the world-toe wrestling championship.

8. Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is one of the most popular and weirdest sports played in Malaysia and Thailand. The sport has become a regular sporting event in Southeast Asian and Asian games in the 1400s.  Sepak Takraw literally means “kickball,” Malay for ‘Kick and Thai for ‘ball’. However, it has no relation to soccer or football.

Instead, you can compare it to volleyball. And this is because the court is divided in two with a net and each team has three players. Each team tries their best to keep the aloft else the other team will win the point. Unlike Volleyball played with hands, you have to play this game with your keens, chin, or feet.

9. Underwater Boxing

It is not a secret anymore that boxers often join underwater training into their fitness routine in order to last long while fighting. Holding your breath underwater helps to build stamina and give your lungs strength.  The water resistance helps to slow your movement and enables you to focus on form.

So, it should not be too surprising that underwater boxing is a thing. The rules are the same as those of regular boxing. Except that boxers have to hold their breath for one minute at a time for 3 rounds. And come up in the air in between fighting rounds.

10. Wife Carrying

This is a competition that holds annually in SonkJarvi, Finland. It is a sport that involves husbands or male competitors running obstacle courses while carrying female competitors on their backs. Fireman’s carry and piggyback riding are among the types of carrying styles that are used in the sport.

And the winner of the sport receives the weight of the female competitor he carried in beers. This sport is very popular across other parts of the world like Australia and the USA. Am sure you are shocked by the 10 weirdest sports in the world you didn’t know the list.

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