Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with VISA Sponsorship

Truck Driver Jobs Canada with VISA Sponsorship

After a survey that was conducted recently, it was concluded that Canada would be short on truck drivers by forty-eight thousand. Awesome, right? Especially if you’re someone who has been looking to immigrate to Canada and loves driving distances.

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with VISA Sponsorship

However, in the case that the above-mentioned category belongs to you and you would like to immigrate to Canada. Guidelines for Jobs on how to become a Truck Driver in Canada with Visa Sponsorship are going to be provided to ensure you meet the criteria.

List of Truck Driver Jobs in Canada you can fit in

There are a variety of truck driver jobs a person can do to get a Canadian work visa. Some of them include:

  1. Long haul truck driver.
  2. Gravel truck driver.
  3. Long haul truck driver.
  4. Automobile carrier driver.
  5. Cement truck driver.
  6. Gasoline.
  7. Fuel oil truck drivers.
  8. Escort- transportation.

To get one of those many truck driver jobs listed, you will need to meet a few requirements. First, you must make sure you have all the credentials required to get a job as a truck driver in Canada. Then, you need to apply for a work permit/ visa to get started.

Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with VISA Sponsorship

The list to come will help you know the requirements to be met before one can successfully become a truck driver in Canada. They include:

  1. You must be ready to work permanently, full-time, overtime, on a weekend, weekdays, weeknights, and evenings.
  2. You need a secondary school certificate, but not a must for this position.
  3. Heavy-duty driving expertise is a plus but not a must.
  4. Must be able to speak and write either English or French fluently.
  5. Certificates, Licenses, memberships, courses, and other credentials for identification are required for this job.
  6. A valid driver’s license, as well as the Air brake endorsement, is required.
  7. Trucking equipment.
  8. Basic security clearance, criminal background check, driving record check, medical exams, and drug (including alcohol) tests will be carried out.
  9. Must be willing to travel throughout Canada and the United States. Whether it be during the day or night, or evening, including taking overnight routes and driving for long distances.
  10. You need to have a legal permit to work in Canada and operate in a two-person team to drive long-haul trucks.

What are the Skills you need to fill the Truck Driver Jobs positions?

Some of the skills required to do the truck driver jobs are:

  1. The ability to drive straight or articulated trucks for the movement of products and supplies.
  2. Cargo loading and unloading, tarping, and ensuring the safety and security of cargo.
  3. Ability to plan trips and routes with the use of atlases and other planning tools.
  4. Receive and relay information to the central dispatcher.
  5. Should be able to work in a two-person team.
  6. Should be able to take care of the truck assigned to you (fixing the needed and able to do maintenance on it).

If you have all these skills and requirements then you can move on to the next stage, applying for your visa.

How can I apply for a Canadian Work Visa?

There are programs you can apply to get a Canada work visa. To work in Canada, you must have gone through the application process, apply for a work permit, and get approval for it. Here are a few programs that can help with that.

1. Temporary Foreign worker program

This program allows people who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents to work in Canada for positions facing labor shortages. This allows employers to hire foreign workers to fill in-demand positions.

A big part of the hiring process is applying to Labor Market Impact Associated (LMIA). A positive LMIA will show there’s a foreign worker to fill the job. It will also show there’s no Canadian worker available to fill the job. A positive LMIA is like a confirmation letter.

2. Atlantic Immigration pilot

However, it helps skilled workers who are looking for permanent residency in one of Canada’s four provinces. Which are Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. It allows graduates whose studies are complete in one of the four provinces.

There are three programs available in the pilot are:

  1. Atlantic International graduate program.
  2. Atlantic high skilled program.
  3. Atlantic intermediate skilled program.

Since the goal is to work as a truck driver, you need to focus on the third program. To apply for this, you need:

  • At least one year’s experience working in a job that requires a high school diploma or on-the-job learning.
  • Must have a high school diploma/certificate.
  • Take an educational credential assessment (ECA) report.
  • Take an approved language test, whether French or English.
  • Provide proof of funds to take care of yourself and your family, whether they’re going to be moving with you.

3. Provincial Nominee Program

This program permits skilled persons to work and live in one of the following eleven provinces and territories in Canada if they meet the required criteria:

  1. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.
  2. British Columbia provincial nominee program.
  3. Manitoba provincial nominee program.
  4. New Brunswick provincial nominee program.
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador provincial nominee program.
  6. Northwest Territories nominee program.
  7. Nova Scotia provincial nominee program.
  8. Ontario provincial nominee program.
  9. Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program.
  10. Yukon nominee program.

With the obvious fact that truck drivers are in high demand, there’s a good chance you can get successfully immigrated through PNP.

If your application is successful, you would be considered for residency.

How much do Truck Drivers in Canada earn?

Truck drivers don’t get good pay in the beginning but with time it can go from $8 to above $30 per hour in certain circumstances. An annual salary of about $30,000 to $80,000.

If you were planning to immigrate to Canada and start working there as a truck driver then this article was for you. Everything you need to know to start. Make sure to visit their pages and apply.

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