How Much Does Spotify Cost?

Spotify is one of the best platforms for listening to music, podcasts, and DJ mixes. You might want to know how much Spotify costs to make use of it. The music streaming platform allows users to make their own playlists and provides users with auto-generated playlists according to their search history.

How Much Does Spotify Cost

Spotify offers its services to users for free but the user experience is very limited. This is because of the constant ads interrupting the music and many limitations.

If you want to enjoy maximum user experience, Spotify Premium is a more suitable option for you. The premium plan comes with unlimited skips, offline listening, free download of playlists, songs, and many more.

How Much Does Spotify Cost?

Users have two accounts to select on Spotify, a Free, and a Premium account. Let us discuss the types of accounts available and their prices on Spotify. Here is your answer to your question “How much does Spotify Cost” below;

Spotify Free

All Spotify users are qualified for a free Spotify account. You can listen to music and anything you want on all your compatible devices (desktops, smart TV, and game consoles). You just have to put up the ads that constantly pop up.

Users can search for specific tracks whenever they want, and play trending albums and playlists. Spotify free has its limitations as it only plays full albums on shuffle.

You can skip ads only six times per hour. Another limitation of Spotify free is that users cannot listen to music offline or download them.

Spotify Premium

Spotify premium is undoubtedly a more worthwhile option than the free account and comes with a lot of features to boost users’ listening experience. With Spotify premium, users have the ability to download music to their phones and listen to music offline.

Spotify does not cost much to make use of its Premium plan if you want to listen to its music. The numerous ads are not shown in the Premium plan.

There are four options to choose from on Spotify premium:

Spotify individual – $9.99 per month

The Spotify individual plan is suitable for those that are not students and have no intention of sharing the account without another person. It allows the listener to experience ad-free listening, download songs, and listen to songs offline.

Spotify Duo – $12.99/month

The Spotify Duo allows only two people to have access to the premium account. The price of a duo plan is actually cheaper compared to the individual plan. A Duo mix will be created based on the music that the two users listen to.

Spotify Family – $15.99/month

If all your family members use Spotify, you should consider buying a Premium family plan. The maximum number of users allowed in this plan is six (6) members. All members will possess their own premium account.

A family mix s created by Spotify based on the data gathered through its algorithm. The family premium plan gives satisfaction to all its users.

Spotify has a special kids app for children and young members of the family to prevent explicit lyrics.

Spotify Student – $4.99/month

The Spotify Student plan offers all the benefits of a premium service at a discounted price for college and university students. This plan is just like the individual plan but comes with Hulu (ads) and ShowTime for us residents.

However, the student plan will expire after 4 years of study. Or visit the Spotify website to see how much it costs to listen to music online here


Can I combine Hulu and Premium Family or Duo?

Sadly, you cannot combine Hulu and premium family or duo. You can upgrade to family or duo or lose access to the Hulu plan and will not be able to activate the plan unless you are qualified for the student discount.

Is Spotify Free completely free?

Users have the option to use the app for free but can opt to subscribe to the premium plan that comes with more features.

 How can I pay for Spotify?

The payment method available depends on our location. You can pay through credit/ debit cards, prepaid cards, and through a third-party company.

How much does it Cost to Upload to Spotify?

Spotify does not charge artists and other creators to upload their content on the streaming platform no matter how much you release your music.

Why upload your music on Spotify?

Spotify is one of the largest digital streaming platforms available at the moment. Spotify is the best platform to promote your songs, and albums and help you gain more fans. It also has tools and features to make sure your music reaches your target audience.

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