How do I Speak to Someone at Just Eat?

Sometimes when users or customers like you read this article, when you make use of the Just Eat platform, you do come across or encounter little issues or errors. You don’t have to panic; you can speak to someone at the Just Eat Customer Service Center to help you out with your issue. You need to know the period or the time you can contact or speak to Just Eat customer services.

How do I Speak to Someone at Just Eat

Just Eat Customer Service Hours

It Lives customers service personnel are available from 10am to Midnight Monday to Sunday across all platforms.

Just Eat Opening Hours

  • Monday 10am to Midnight.
  • Tuesday 10am to Midnight.
  • Wednesday 10am to Midnight.
  • Thursday 10am to Midnight.
  • Friday 10am to Midnight.
  • Saturday 10am to Midnight.
  • Sunday 10am to Midnight.

Just Eat is available for you to make use of 7 days a week, within the time frame of 10am to Midnight.

How to Speak to Someone at Just Eat Customers Service

Just Eat has been available for different ways its users or customers can get to speak to them. Below are;

  • Just Eat Customer Support Phones.
  • Its Social Networks.
  • Live Chat.
  • Support e-mail.
  • UK Help Center
  • It Headquarters.

Just Eat Customer Support Phones

If you want to speak to the Just Eat customers services agent, you can call this line 0344-243-777. They are available from 10am to midnight. Note; if you want to call to speak to a live agent in other to make an order, you need to press 1 and stay on the line. The typical waiting time on Just Eat is around 20-30 minutes.

Just Eat Social Networks Customer’s Service

Note; are Just Eat customer service is available to speak to on most of the top social platforms.

  • Using the Just Eat Facebook Page, they will reply to you in an hour.
  • Just Eat support via Twitter Page, they are available within the time frame of 3pm to 11pm Monday to Sunday.
  • On the Just Eat Instagram Page, they update with photos of when they will be available to chat up their customer service.
  • You can also make use of their latest YouTube Videos on their page “Just Eat”.

Just Eat Live Chat Support

For now, the Just Eat platform doesn’t offer Live Chat Support. Calling the line 0344-243-7777 is one of the best ways to contact and speak to Just Eat.

Just Eat Support E-Mail

You can contact or reach out to Just Eat customer services via email, here at [email protected]

Just Eat UK Help Center

If you have tried every means to contact or Speak to Just Eat, and you have still talked to their customer services. You can get more info about Just Eat with its Customer Support page and how to Speak to them at

Just Eat Headquarters

You can check if the Just Eat Headquarters is close to your location via Google Maps.

What to do if Just Eat Customers Services Number is Not Working?

Sometimes you might find it hard to speak to Just Eat customer support on phone. Most of the reasons that cause the Network problem, or they might have changed their customer services number. Or sometimes it might be because of the change in the Service menu option.

So, if you come across such an issue or problem, you can leave us a comment below. And if you find yourself around and you were able to reach out to the Just Eat customer’s services you can also leave, use a comment below on how you did it. This will help others too.

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