Fully-Funded Scholarship for International Students in Canada

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Students from all over the world would like an opportunity to study abroad. One of the countries in the world where international students can get a fully-funded scholarship in Canada.

There are numerous programs available in Canada to help students who are qualified and in need of scholarships to study in Canada. But first…

Fully-Funded Scholarship for International Students in Canada

What is a Canada Student Scholarship?

Scholarships are types of financial support or grants that students receive so they can study either within their country or abroad in other countries.

A Canadian student scholarship is financial support or grant a student receives for them to be able to study in Canada.

These grants can easily be accessed by citizens and residents of Canada most of the time. Other times though, international students are opportune to be able to get a scholarship for them to study in Canada.

Types of Canada Student Scholarship

There are numerous types of scholarship programs available for every individual both within and outside of Canada. Some of such scholarships include:

  1. Entrance.
  2. High school.
  3. University and college scholarships.
  4. External scholarships.
  5. Affiliate scholarships.

1. Entrance scholarship

After applying to a university, they automatically look at your grades, and leadership scores. Also, extracurricular activities determine whether they are going to grant you a scholarship.

Moreover, the scholarship can be a few hundred dollars. And other times they can even decide to pay your entire tuition. In order words, the better your grades are the better your chances are of getting a scholarship.

2. High school scholarship

For these, you would need to be proactive, in the sense that you would need to be on high alert. This is because this kind of scholarship is usually only available for a short time.

In this scholarship, you have less competition so your chances of getting it are better. But that doesn’t mean you should relax. You still need to do better than your best to get it.

3. University or college scholarships

These scholarships are given after a complete evaluation of your grades and extracurricular activities. Keep getting involved in your community and volunteering to help around.

However, if you happen to already be a university student there are programs you can apply for. Just keep up your grades and extracurricular involvement for a good chance at being part of the beneficiaries.

4. External scholarships

These scholarships are not offered by specific schools but rather by communities and/ or third parties.

However, these can range from a few hundred dollars to cover your tuition and part of your living expenses. Some of these are greatly publicized and open to a large group of the community. Others are more private and may only be open to their city or town.

5. Affiliate scholarships

This is another fantastic scholarship to look at. It is a type of external scholarship available only to students through their affiliation with the company or organization offering it. For example, your parents or relatives need to be a member or former members of the organization to be able to qualify for it.

List of Fully Funded Canada Scholarships for International Students

A lot of scholarship programs have been put in place by Canadian institutes so that it is easier for students to be able to study in Canada. These programs aim to attract more and more international students to continue their studies after secondary school in Canada.

The programs are open to both local citizens and international students. They usually cater for their transportation, feeding, housing, tuition, etc.

However, they are mostly given to exceptional students with outstanding academic achievements and the highest potential. Here, we have written down a list of fully-funded scholarships available in Canada for international students.

  1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships.
  2. Chancellor Thirsk Chancellor’s Scholarship.
  3. Trudeau doctoral scholars.
  4. Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship.
  5. Ottawa President’s Scholarship.
  6. SFU Canada Graduate and Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships.
  7. Loran Scholars Foundation.
  8. Lester B Pearson.
  9. President’s International Distinction Scholarship.
  10. UdeM Exemption Scholarship.
  11. McGill University Scholarships.
  12. International Major Entrance Scholarship.
  13. Schulich Leader Scholarships.
  14. International Major Entrance Scholarship.
  15. McCall McBain Scholarships.
  16. University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada.
  17. Citizens of the World Excellence scholarship.
  18. Concordia University Entrance Scholarship.
  19. Leadership Scholarships.
  20. Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence.
  21. Western’s Admission Scholarship Program.
  22. Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship.
  23. Medicine & Dentistry Schulich Scholarships.
  24. University of Toronto Scholarships.
  25. Université de Montréal Scholarship.
  26. Queen’s University Scholarships.

Requirements for Canada Student Scholarships

However, every program has its requirements. Before you can be a beneficiary of one of these programs, you first need to qualify for it. After qualifying for it you need to prepare your required documents. Here is everything you need to get started:

  1. Completed scholarship application form.
  2. Copy of your academic transcripts/diplomas.
  3. Copy of your passport/ID.
  4. Statement of purpose or letter of motivation.
  5. Recommendation letter.
  6. Test score (like SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA).
  7. Proof of your language proficiency, like an IELTS test.
  8. Some institutions may also require some additional documents, such as an essay and a medical report.

How to Apply for Canada Scholarships for International Students

This process starts after you have been accepted into a university. So, make sure to do that before applying for a scholarship. Before starting your application process get a list of all the scholarship programs that are most suitable for you.

Then, you either get in contact with the financial aid representative of that scholarship or search for the correct information on their websites. To start your application process, you need:

  1. Online application form of the university in Canada.
  2. Letter of Acceptance.
  3. All academic transcripts.
  4. Certificates that prove your eligibility.
  5. Statement of Intent – Why do you want this scholarship?
  6. Aptitude test score (GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc).
  7. Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, etc).
  8. Medical Test results (optional).

After attaching all relevant documents to the scholarship application form, submit them and ensure to do that before the deadline.


Which university has the most scholarships in Canada?

York University, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, and Western Ontario University are a few of the universities with the most scholarships.

What is the best undergraduate scholarship program in Canadian universities?

Lester B Pearson is considered the best fully funded scholarship program for undergraduates in Canada.

Can I get a scholarship based on my admission?

Yes, if your university application is outstanding, the admission committee will offer you an automatic scholarship in Canada.

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