Sable One Credit Card – Application, Login, Activation, & Make Payment

The Sable One Credit Card is a unique secured credit card. It is mainly for those having issues qualifying for other credit cards or those that are new to credit and have no credit. Sable One Card does not require users to have a good credit score in order to apply for a credit card.

Sable One Credit Card - Application, Login, Activation, & Make Payment

Sable enables non-U.S .citizens to apply for the Sable one credit card without an identification number. This card can be applied online easily and fast online anywhere in the world.

It has amazing rewards, offers, and 2% cash back on purchases made with Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify and 1% everywhere else. Sable one credit card offers a zero annual fee. This makes it one of the best and cheapest other unsecured credit cards.

Where is Sable One Credit Card Accepted? 

Sable One Credit Card is accepted anywhere a MasterCard is accepted. Users also have the benefit of earning rewards while they purchase using their cards. Sable One Credit Card offers a flexible deposit, no credit check, and a direct upgrade path for all users.

The Sable One Credit Card comes with a lot of benefits other than users not needing a good credit score to start up.

Features of Sable One Secured Credit Cards

The good thing about this card is it has many useful features available to those who opt to apply for the credit card. I will be listing the features that come with the sable one credit card;

  • A credit card enables its users to build their credit score faster.
  • All users can enjoy unlimited cashback on all purchases made on select platforms.
  • Zero annual fees.
  • High approval rate.

These features cannot be found on your usual credit card they are exclusive to Sable One Credit Cards. They are enough reasons for you to switch to the Sable One Credit Card.

Terms and Conditions to Apply for a Sable One Credit Card

Although you do not need to have a good credit score to apply for the Sable one credit card, there are other requirements needed to be met and they are;

  • All applicants must be of 18 years or older to be able to apply for a card.
  • You must have social security number information.
  • For applicants who are non-U.S citizens, you will need a valid visa.

How to Apply for Sable One Credit Card Online

Applying for a Sable one credit online is easy and fast if you have all the documents and credentials listed above. You cannot apply for a Sable one credit card without having an already established account with Sable.

  • Visit
  • Click on the credit card. Once you click on it, you will be taken to another page
  • Tap on getting Started.
  • Type your full name and email address.
  • Create a strong password.
  • Confirm that you are not a robot and click on next.

These are the steps to apply for a Sable One Credit Card online. Ensure that you fill in all the necessary information in the correct manner.

Sable One Credit Card Login

Signing in to your sable Credit Card is easy and you need a stable internet connection and the mobile app. Here are the steps to follow in order to successfully log in to the account;

  • Open the One Mobile app on your device.
  • Click on the login icon.
  • Enter the email associated with your account.
  • Enter your Password.

After you have entered your password, follow the instructions displayed on your screen to gain access to your credit card.

How to Activate Your Sable One Credit Card

Activating your credit card is one of the important steps to do after applying for your Sable One Credit Card. These are the steps to follow in order to successfully activate your credit card.

  • Open the Sable One Credit App on your device.
  • Click on LOG IN.
  • Enter your username and password associated with our account.
  • After you have logged in, click on the Cards icon.
  • Choose the type of card you want (Debit or Credit).

If you followed the steps stated in this article, you are sure to successfully create and activate your Sable One Credit Card.

How to Set Up or Change Your Stable One Card Pin

All Cardholders need to set up their PIN and with the mobile app, it is very quick and easy. If you are interested in hanging your PIN, here are the steps to do just that;

  • Sign in to your Sable One account.
  • Click on Cards.
  • Select Physical debit.
  • Click on change PIN and enter a four-digit PIN of your choice.
  • Click on NEXT to finish the process.

All Credit Card holders can change their PIN anytime they wish using the mobile app.

How Can I Make a Payment on My Secured Credit Card Balance?

Payments are made easy on the Secured Credit Card Balance .they can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. These are the steps that need to be followed to successfully make payments with your Credit Card.

  • Launch the Sable One Mobile App.
  • Login to your account by filling in your details.
  • Tap on Move Money.
  • Lastly, click on “Pay your Secured Credit Card”.

These are the steps to making payments on your secured credit card balance.

SableOne Credit Card Customer Care Service

If you need to make an inquiry or need further assistance, you can forward an email to the official Sable One email address. The official email address can be located on the Sable One official website at the bottom of their web page.

  • Visit
  • Enter your active email address.
  • Write your request.
  • Add a description of your issue in the next field.
  • Select a topic from the options provided.
  • Add a file to the attachment field.
  • Click on submit to finish this process.
  • These are the guidelines for filling a personal request to the Sable One customer care team. Check your email inbox frequently to see responses from the company.


Is Sable a real credit card?

Yes, Sable is a real credit card. It is a suitable card for those who want to rebuild damaged credit. This is because there is no credit check for new applicants. The cost of owning an account is cheap and a reward is given anytime you use your credit card to make payments and purchases.

Does Sable One give you credit?

Sable One gives all cardholders the chance to rebuild credit and also earn cash back when making payments on selected platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Can I use the Sable credit card at ATM?

All Sable Cardholders can use their sable credit card with ATM that accepts MasterCard. Sable does not currently charge any fees for ATM withdrawals.

Can I Add Funds to My Sable One Secured Credit Card?

Sadly, you cannot add funds to your Sable One Credit Card. Adding funds can only be done on your Sable Debit Card.

Adding funds to your Sable Credit Card can be done with selected retailers and they are CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Safeway, Dollar tree, Dollar General, and more.

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