11 Romantic Places to take your Wife in Delta State Nigeria

If you live in Delta State Nigeria, you probably think there are no romantic places you can take your wife to for a visit. On the contrary, Delta state is filled with a lot of beautiful locations that are suitable for a romantic time out.

Romantic Places to take your Wife in Delta State Nigeria

In this article, we will list the Best romantic places to take your wife to in Delta State. all of these locations are sure to ensure you and your wife have a beautiful time together.

Best Romantic Places to take your wife in Delta state Nigeria

In delta state, there are a lot of places you can take your wife to have a romantic time. here are some of the romantic places you can visit with your wife in Delta state:

1. Rivotel Hotel & Golf Resort

Rivotel hotel and golf resort is one of the best resorts in Delta State. it is because of its beauty it is visited by both international and local indigenes. Here you can come to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the resort to set the romantic mood.

2. Eku Beach

Eku beach, also known as Shiloh resort and apartment is a nice place to take your wife for a romantic time. you can do a lot of things here like organize a picnic and play on the beach. No doubt the beach is a great place to visit to have a nice relaxing time.

3. Abraka Turf & Country Club

Abraka turf and country club is a beautiful place you can visit. you can do a whole lot of activities like board games, fishing, volleyball, swimming, and more. The crystal clear water of the turf is a beautiful sight to behold.

4. Oghara Beach

Oghara Beach is a perfect place to visit to relax with yourself to visit. picnics, games, and more are some of the things you can do here. there are also spots to buy food and drinks at affordable prices.

5. Effurun Garden Park

Effurun Garden Park is one of the largest tourist attraction sites in Delta state visited by both indigenes and non indigenes of Delta state. You and your wife will surely have a fun time at Effurun Garden Park.

6. Nelson Mandela Garden

Nelson Mandela Garden was established to honor and celebrate of  South African leader. The garden has a beautiful view you can enjoy with your wife.

7. Otuogu Beach

Otuogu Beach is also known as Asaba beach by the indigenes. It is one of the major beaches in Delta State. The beach is always lively and never devoid of fun no matter the season. So you can visit Otuogu Beach to have a good time with your wife.

8. Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph catholic church is a place you can visit with your wife if she is a fan of history. it is one of the oldest churches in the delta state. The church is also beautiful and is worth seeing.

9. Shoprite Mall Warri, Asaba

Shoprite Mall is a place with a lot of retail stores. It has a lot of branches across the delta state. At Shoprite, you can treat your wife to all the items and things that she has always wanted. No doubt you and your wife will have a nice time here.

10. Kwale Game Reserve

At Kwale Games Reserve, you can enjoy and experience the true beauty of nature. Kwale Game Reserve is a good spot to visit if you and your wife are nature lovers. The game reserve is home to various wildlife and is no doubt a nice place to feel nature.

11. Lander Brothers Anchorage

This amazing site is located in the capital of Delta, Asaba. It was built to honor the British explorer’s John and Richard popularly known as the Lander brothers. The site houses a museum where you can look at beautiful artifacts, artwork, and writings.


In Delta state, there are a lot of romantic places you can visit with your wife. you just need to have a good guide to direct you. you can visit these places whether you live in Delta state or just visiting.

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