How to Report a Fake Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It allows family, friends, and even business partners to communicate wherever and whenever. It is no surprise that bad people like scammers and fraudsters will want to take advantage of Facebook to commit crimes. One of the ways they use to commit crimes is to create a fake Facebook account.

How to Report a Fake Facebook Account

Now that you know fake Facebook accounts can be created the next question on your mind is “How you can report a fake Facebook account when you see one?” If you are looking for how to report a fake Facebook account, your search has come to an end as we will discuss this and many more questions about Facebook.

How to Spot a Fake Facebook Account

A fake Facebook account can look just like a regular Facebook account so this might confuse a regular user and engage in transactions with this account. Here is how to spot a fake Facebook account:

  • A fake Facebook account usually does not have a profile picture. So, if you have a Facebook friend request from an account like this, it might be a fake account.
  • If the account has scarce information. Sometimes scammers create a fake Facebook account and use an attractive profile without detailed information like where they stay and other necessary information.
  • Another way to spot a fake Facebook account is if the account was created newly. To confirm this, check the timeline and number of friends on the account.
  • A Facebook account might have a lot of pictures but this does not mean it cannot be fake. Scammers use stolen pictures from the internet and from other accounts to deceive people.

These are some of the ways to spot a fake Facebook account.

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How to Report a Fake Facebook Account

In case you spot a fake Facebook account, here are the steps to follow to report a fake Facebook account to Facebook:

  • Visit the Facebook website or mobile app.
  • Locate the Facebook account that you suspect is fake. You can search for the account profile search on the search tab.
  • When the search results are done, find the three dots beside the cover photo.
  • On the drop-down menu, click on Find support or Report profile
  • Select the “Pretending to be someone else option” OR any of the options that discuss your condition.
  • Submit the form by clicking the Submit.

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Why do people create fake Facebook Accounts?

People have various reasons why they create fake accounts on Facebook. Some of them are:

  • With the introduction of Facebook, marketplace scammers sell counterfeit products to customers.
  • People create fake Facebook accounts just to obtain customer information i.e., Phishing
  • Sometimes, scammers create fake Facebook accounts to gain info and take over a genuine account. When they take over your account, they can impersonate and scam unsuspecting customers.

These are some of the different reasons why people create fake Facebook accounts.

How to protect your Facebook account from Scammers

To make sure your account is safe from scammers, follow these guidelines:

  • Make use of two-step verification to protect your account.
  • Use a very strong password for your account.
  • Do not share your Facebook account details with a third party.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your Facebook account is safe and secure.

What to do if someone makes a fake account of you on Facebook?

Try to search for the name of the profile or account. Tap on the three buttons below the cover photo and select Report profile or Find Support. After you have done this, follow the on-screen instructions to report the account.

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How long does it take for Facebook to delete a reported fake account?

It takes about 24 hours to delete a reported fake account depending on the severity of the case. Sometimes, it takes a number of days for a fake Facebook account to be deleted.


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