How to Remote Desktop from iOS Device to Windows 10/11

Remote work and remote support are popular and PC-to-PC access plays an important role. With technology development, mobile devices like iPhone/iPad-to-PC access are also available, which enables you to use the remote PC with your iOS device and saves you from the trouble of carrying a laptop on the go. In this post, we’ll explore how to access a remote desktop from an iOS device to Windows 11/10 computer.

How to Remote Desktop from iOS Device to Windows

Microsoft Remote Desktop: Access Windows Professional/Enterprise from iPhone/iPad

Remote Desktop client (RD client) for iOS, is a remote access tool released by Microsoft, that allows you to connect to Windows PC remotely, view the desktop, and access all files & apps on it from iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad. Before using it to access the remote computer, you need to confirm that the remote computer meets the system requirements: Windows Enterprise, Professional, or advanced versions to support Remote Desktop. To check the system information of your Windows computer, you can press Windows + R, input Winver, and hit Enter. Now, drive into the step-by-step guide on how to connect to a remote computer using an RD client.

Firstly, go to the Remote Desktop interface by pressing Windows + I, choosing System and Remote Desktop, and enabling Remote Desktop on the to-be-accessed Windows 11/10 computer. And you need to get the IP address of the computer.

Remote Desktop from iOS Device to Windows

Then, go to App Store, search Remote Desktop client, and install and run it on your iOS devices. Tap the + icon and choose Add PC in the pop-up window. Then, tap PC Name, enter the IP address of the to-be-accessed Windows 11/10 computer, and click User Account; choose the first option for frequent remote desktop access; choose the second one for occasional access. Finally, return to the RD client main interface, tap the recently created IP address icon, enter the necessary information, and click Continue. Now, you can access the remote desktop from iOS to Windows.

AnyViewer: Access Windows Professional/Enterprise/Home from an iOS device

If the remote computer happens to run Windows 11/10 Home or Windows 7 Standard, you won’t be able to access the PC and it involves complicated operations like router configuration when you access a Windows desktop from a different network: Then, why don’t try a simple & powerful remote access software windows 10, AnyViewer. Here are the highlights of AnyViewer.

  • Easy setup: Download and installation are quick and easy. After that, you can use AnyViewer to remote access Windows from an iOS device without effort even from a different network.
  • No system requirement: It doesn’t require the PC to run Windows Professional or Enterprise. Thus, users who are using Windows Home and Standard don’t need to upgrade.
  • Optional connection ways: Both attended remote access and unattended access is available with AnyViewer. You can use the proper one based on the specific case.
  • High security: AnyViewer implements a robust algorithm – ECC for end-to-end encryption, protecting the data and information during remote sessions.
  • Screen share: It won’t lock the remote computer screen in remote sessions, which allows you to share the remote screen with the one on the other end. It is important for collaboration and PC issue troubleshooting.

AnyViewer also supports you to access the remote desktop from another computer or Android device. In Windows-to-Windows remote sessions, remote desktop file transfer is supported. Get into how AnyViewer works on accessing Windows from iOS.

Download, install, and run AnyViewer for Windows on the PC. Log into an AnyViewer account.

Remote Desktop from iOS Device to Windows

Then, search Anyviewer on App Store, download, and run it on your iPhone/iPad. Log into the same AnyViewer account. Tap Device, locate the Windows desktop, tap it, and tap One-click control. Within a few seconds, you can see the remote desktop of the Windows computer from your iPhone or iPad.


AnyViewer offers Gesture Guide for you to operate the computer with the iOS device more easily and quickly in touch mode. Mouse modes are also available for more precise operation. Additionally, you can manage the remote computer power easily by clicking the Power Management icon. To get more features, including accessing in privacy mode and high-quality images, you can use AnyViewer Professional or Enterprise.

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