Quickteller Loan – How to Request for a Loan on Quickteller

Quickkteller, which is one of the biggest Nigerian online transaction payment processes, and in some other Africa countries. Quickteller now offers people the ability to apply for a short-term loan, also known as quick cash, which helps them meet their immediate needs without any stress. Anyone can request a loan on Quickteller, without the need to get any paperwork or collateral. You can request a loan on Quickteller with the help of an internetworking internet and non-internet working mobile phones, and laptops.

Quickteller Loan - How to Request for a Loan on Quickteller

How Much Loan Does Quickteller Offer to People?

Quickteller loan is only for people who need a little amount of money or cash to solve an immediate or urgent need. They offer loans to people between the sum of #1,000 to #10,000, which would be credited to your provided bank account once you are eligible for the loan request. Quickteller loan’s offer and interest to pay list below;

  • #10,000.00 to payback #11.500.00 in 14 days.
  • #5,000.00 to payback #5,7500.00 in 14 days.
  • #2,500.00 to payback #2,875.00 in 14 days.
  • #1,000.00 to payback #1,150.00 in 14 days.

I mention earlier about Quickteller loan, not for people who need huge funds, and note you can request a second loan when you haven’t paid up the first one.

How Do Quickteller Determine a Person’s Eligibility for Loan Request

Before Quickteller grants a person’s request for a loan, the person not submitting any paperwork or collateral. They have the right to go through the person’s bank profile and bank account history to know if the person is fit or financial stable to pay up back their loan depth within 14 days.

How to Request for a Loan on Quickteller

Quickteller has made it easy for anyone who wants to request a loan, so they can be able to request for a loan with a non-internet working device or with an internetworking device using either a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. The various process through which users can request a loan on Quick teller listing below:

Request for Loan Via the Quickteller Website

  • Visit the Quickteller website, URL Quickteller.com
  • Login to your Quickteller account with your Email address and password.
  • Click on the “More” icon below the left-side of the homepage.
  • On the drop-down menu by your right-side, click on the “Request Loan” icon.
  • Then, enter the amount of loan you want to request.
  • Next, enter your account number, and click on the “Select bank” icon and select your bank.
  • Then click on the “Continue” icon.
  • Then on the next page, select the preferred loan provider.
  • And then accept the loan offer.

Request for Loan Using the USSD Short Code

  • On any of your preferred mobile device, Android, IOS. Dial the USSD short code, “*322*6#.
  • From the displayed option, select the “Get a Loan”.
  • Then follow the prompt to get your loan disbursed.

Request for Loan with Extension (Kwikcash Only)

  • For loan extension using Kwikcash, simply dial *561# with your registered mobile number.
  • Then select the “Loan” option.
  • And, select the “Extend Loan” option.
  • Then follow the prompt on the screen to get your loan disbursed.

After your request for any loan offer, Quickteller will then have to accept it or decline it. Note; for any amount of loan you request for you will be charged interest of 15% when you. And you will have to pay back your loan dept with 2 weeks (14 days).

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