How do I Qualify for GTB Quick Credit Loan?

Applying for a loan from a bank can be a lifesaver when you come across certain emergencies or just want to do certain things. GTB quick credit is the best loan to apply for to finance both your business and personal projects.

How do I Qualify for GTB Quick Credit Loan?

The GTB Quick credit loan is a fast, non-collateral loan that can be accessed by only GTB Bank customers It has a low-interest rate and flexible payment options making it a good and easy option when you are low on funds.

Before you proceed to apply for a GTB quick credit loan you need to know how can you qualify for a GTB Quick credit loan. If you do not know how then you are in luck as we will discuss this and more in this article.

How do I Qualify for GTB Quick Credit?

To qualify for GTB quick credit loan, you have to meet certain requirements. Here are some of the requirements you need to have in order to be eligible to apply for a GTB Quick credit loan:

  • You must be an active GTB customer.
  • Your monthly salary should be a minimum of #200,000.
  • You must also have a good credit score.
  • All debts to UBA and other banks or organizations should be paid off.

These are the requirements that you need to meet to qualify for a GTB Quick Credit loan.


Is GTB Quick credit Loan worth it?

GTB Quick credit loan offers loans of up to #500,000 for non-salary earners and 5 million Naira for salary earners. Those that apply for the GTB Credit Loan enjoy a low-interest rate of 1.33% per month and a maximum tenor of 12 months.

How can I get a quick credit loan from GTBank?

There are three ways you can get a quick credit loan from GTB and they are:

  • Via the GTBank mobile app.
  • Through the USSD code i.e., *737*51*51#
  • Internet banking platform.

You can choose whichever way is best convenient for you to apply for a GTB Quick credit loan

What type of GTB Quick credit loans are Available?

There are so many types of GTB quick credit loans but they can be grouped into two and they are:

  • Personal loans: just as the name implies. This loan is meant for financing pressing financial needs like paying school fees. Also buying important items for the home, and more.
  • Quick credit for small businesses: this is a quick credit loan that helps to fund small businesses. This loan can come in handy for small business owners who have plans of expanding their business or improving on it.

These are the main types of GTB Quick loans available. To get more information on the types of Quick credit loans available, visit

How long does it take to receive loan funds from GTB quick Credit?

It takes 5 mins. When you apply for GTB quick credit and your request has been granted, you should receive your loan in a matter of minutes.

What is the interest rate on a GTB quick credit loan?

The interest rate on a GTB quick credit loan is one of the lowest interest rates for a loan in GTBank. You can get up to three months of your salary with an interest rate of 1.80% per month.

How much can GTBank borrow from me?

It depends on how much salary income you get or receive into your GTBank account on a monthly basis during the time frame GTB will calculate for you. You can borrow up to 100% of your monthly salary at an interest rate of 18% per annum. The loan repayment is flexible within 12 months.

Who is eligible for quick credit?

For you to be eligible for the GTBank quick credit, you must have been active for at 6 month period of time operating a corporate or Business name account. Also, you should note that within the last 12 months or the last 1 year, you must have a zero record of a returned cheque.

How can I check my GTB loan eligibility?

You can visit any of the GTBank centers to check your loan eligibility for Quick credit. Also, if you have the GTB mobile banking app, you can make use of the app. You just need to navigate to the “Apply for a loan” section. And click on the “Quick Credit” section. It will tell you if you are eligible or not.

How do I activate quick credit on GTB?

To activate quick credit on GTB, you must be a salary earner. This means your GTBank account must have received some amount of funds within a time frame of 6 months to a year period. Only then will GTB quick credit be activated for you?

What is GTBank Quick credit?

Quick credit offered by GTBank is known as a loan for salary and non-salary account holders.

What is the minimum GTB Quick credit amount?

The minimum amount of loan you will get from GTBank using quick credit is N5,000 (5,000 Naria).

What is the maximum GTB Quick credit amount?

The maximum amount of loan you will get from GTBank using quick credit is N5 million (5,000,000 Naria).

How do I liquidate my GTB quick credit?

Your GTBank account is automatically set to liquidate your quick credit. At the end of every month, 18% of the amount for your loan repayment will be debited from your account. And note if you have no money in your account balance your account will be on -#0000 till it gets funded.

How do I check my GTB quick credit balance?

You can easily check your GTB quick credit balance by simply dialing the USSD code *737*6*2#. This will help you check your loan balances. Or you can make use of the GTBank mobile app. From the app homepage, click on the “Apply for a loan” section. Next click on the “Loan Liquidation” section. There you will see your loan balance on your account.

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