Prepaidgiftbalance Official Login at

The Prepaidgiftbalance is a prepaid gift voucher, this Prepaid gift card is issued by the US Bank National Association. If you are a resident of the United States of America you can carry a shop and use a card at every point it is better than going about with cash.

Prepaidgiftbalance Official Login at

However, the prepaid gift balance card allows you to check your gift card account balance. It is a secured internet channel to easily check your balance on your credit or debit card. The card is safe and secure with a Unique PIN. To get your Prepaidgiftbalance card, you need to apply for it.


The Prepaid gift balance card is a prepaid card mentioned above. It is issued by US National Bank Association and is sold also at retail stores like Ralphs, Kroger, and Staples

Also, the Prepaid gift balance card is generally accepted in the USA, a place where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

However, with the Prepaid gift balance card members or cardholders can travel, pay bills, and carry out special occasions using your card. With the Prepaid gift balance card, you can login online and begin using your card for easy online shopping.

How To Register Your Prepaidgiftbalance card?

To register the prepaid gift balance card, get to the online official website at login to your account, and search for the registration widget to register your card. Enter the information required from you to complete your registration.

How To Activate Prepaid Gift Balance Card?

To start using the Prepaid gift balance card, it is important to activate the card so that it is easy to identify the rightful owner of the card. So let’s start here;

  • Visit the card website at
  • Complete your registration, by submitting all your information accurately in the “New User” widget on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the 16-digit number printed on the back of the card. The number help in setting up your account.
  • Immediately after you make your first payment with the Prepaid card, the remaining balance of money in your account will show.

Following these steps above you will be able to activate your card. Or contact the customer service center for help. Login

The US Bank Association issues this card login to grant users access to their account online. It allows users to utilize your card at the point of acceptance.

  • Get to the official website of the Prepaid gift balance using any browser or your mobile phone
  • On the web page, navigate to the login section on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter your 16-digit card number.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.

Furthermore, using these steps, you will successfully login to your Prepaidgiftbalance card account online.

How To Set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number)

How to set up your prepaid gift balance card is very simple. The PIN is included inside your package and can be reset by calling this number 888.853.9536 they accept relay calls.

What Happens if my card is stolen or Lost?

If your card is lost or stolen call customer service for a card replacement. You will need to register the card, after registering the card, a replacement card with your available balance will be issued if you can verify the card number. A replacement fee of $5.95 will be charged and deducted from your available balance.

Prepaidgiftbalance Customer Service

The Customer Service of Prepaidgiftbalance is available always to help you out and to attend to any issues. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service team by phone, and get the right phone number on the website.


How Do I Check the Balance on a Visa prepaid Visa gift card?

Typically to check your account balance online, check at the back of the gift card. You’ll find a toll-free number to discover your balance. Login to your account online at enter your card number and PIN and enter the Security code and Captcha code on the screen. The system will load and display your remaining balance of the Prepaid visa card.

Why is my Prepaidgiftbalance not working?

There are quite a lot of reasons why your Prepaidgiftbalance may not be working. Sometimes they may not be much money remaining on your card. Or may not have registered or activated your prepaid gift balance card.

Also, maybe the address you drop off online or via phone is different from the address you gave to the Prepaid card provider.

Can I use the gift card to get cash?

With the Prepaid gift balance card, you cannot your card to get cash from the ATM or get cash back when you purchase with the card.

Does the Card Expire?

The Prepaid gift balance card can expire on the last day of the month and you will find the year on the front of the card. And if there is a balance on the Card when it expires, you will get a replacement card at no cost.

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