How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek

In the northern region of Karnataka, Gokarna is a true beach paradise! There are five main beaches there, all of which have beautiful views, calm waves, and clean water. These include Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and the Main Beach in Gokarna.

How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek

Between these beaches, there are verdant hills, which adds to Gokarna’s appeal as a tourist destination. These hills not only enhance Gokarna’s scenic beauty overall, but they also provide access to the exciting Gokarna Beach Trek! Everything you need to know about How to Plan a Gokarna Beach Trek will be covered in this blog!

Regarding the Gokarna Beach Trek

The enjoyable way to go beach hopping in Gokarna is with the Gokarna Beach Trek. Either the Kudle Beachside or Paradise Beachside are good places to start the trek.

This hike aims to traverse all of Gokarna’s major beaches on foot while avoiding the hills that stand between them. The Gokarna Beach Trek is a roughly 10-kilometer hike that includes walking along beaches.

One-way trek and one-way ferry ride would make up the entire journey. Although it depends on how much time you spend at each beach, having lunch, and stopping for pictures, it can be completed in about 5 to 6 hours.

Gokarna is a warm location, and the summertime sun can be very harsh. Therefore, October to February is the ideal time to complete this trek.

Is the Gokarna Beach Trek challenging?

For the average person with basic fitness, the Gokarna Beach Trek is a simple hike. This means that if you exercise at least a few times per week, the trek will be simple for you. Although the sun may be a little harsh, this is not a particularly difficult trek.

In order to have a fun day, use sunscreen and stay hydrated. To get to the next beach, the majority of the trek entails hiking through and across hills. On the other hand, there is some climbing and bouldering to be done as well.

What makes this Trek worthwhile?

  • We can answer your why-should-you-do-the-Gokarna-Beach-Trek question, but we’ll also ask you why-not! Here are some reasons why everyone should attempt the Gokarna Beach Trek, as we have done it several times.
  • The BEST way to explore Gokarna and appreciate its true beauty is by hiking along the coast. So forget about driving to these beaches in a rental car!
  • You won’t be able to get to all the beaches in your car! Only a hike or ferry will get you to Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach!
  • Ferry rides are pricey! It’s best to travel on foot if you want to visit several beaches. An approximate Rs. 300 one-way fares will get you from Om Beach to Paradise Beach!
  • This trek is worthwhile because of the sights you get to see. It is already such a rewarding experience! If you’re fortunate, you might be able to see dolphins from a few cliffs close to Half Moon Beach!
  • It is one of the very few places or things to do that offers hills and beaches together. You get to go hiking and swimming several times in one day!

Details for the Gokarna Beach Trek

The four main beaches of Gokarna—Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach—are the focus of the Gokarna Beach Trek.

The Belekan Beach and the Main Beach in Gokarna are optional and can be omitted. Check out the views you’ll get on this trek below before we get into the specifics!

Journey to Gokarna Beach

The Gokarna Beach Trek trail is clearly marked along the entire route, and there are various directions and graffiti along the way as well.

Half Moon Beach to Paradise Beach

You can start the trek after you arrive at Paradise Beach, swim for a while, and consume a coconut. One of the most difficult sections of the entire journey is from Paradise Beach to Half Moon Beach (as compared to other parts).

In the beginning, there is a little rock and boulder climbing. The trail gradually ascends as you move forward, and the views are breathtaking! Two photo opportunities along the way are Small Hell Beach and Hell Cliff.

Up to Om Beach from Half Moon Beach

You can begin your journey to Om Beach once you’ve relaxed and refueled for a while at Half Moon Beach. At first, there is a small climb, then the path meanders slowly through the trees. It’s again a lot of fun to travel through this section!

Just before Om Beach, there is a cliff from which you can see the entire Om Beach in a stunning panorama. Now, looking down from above, you can see the beach’s Om shape. On the map, Om Beach View Point is marked.

Kudle Beach to Om Beach

After lunch, you can begin your trip to Kudle Beach. The easiest of these hikes is from Om Beach to Kudle Beach. Once you leave Om Beach, there are a few stairs on the left that lead to the next trail.

Even an auto can be taken from this exit if you are tired. Just before the Kudle Beach, you can make a quick detour to the Shri Umamasheshwar Temple.

On the other hand, the stairs close to Kudle Beach take you right down to the beach. Given that the continental shelf is relatively shallow and the waves are enjoyable, Kudle Beach is the best beach for swimming. However, if the sea or waves aren’t hospitable, take precautions and stay put.


We have now reached the conclusion of this thorough guide to the Gokarna Beach Trek! On this trek, use caution and, if you lack experience, avoid venturing out alone or at night.

If you require local guides, locate them by asking your stay managers. Even if you are a skilled swimmer, exercise caution in the water. Wherever you go, use caution.

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