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Movies and TV series are the top media entertainment files trending on the internet today, and there are lots of websites where users can get access to them. Most of these platforms are free and some are paid, but 60% of users today prefer when it is free. Imagine you get to watch any of your favorite movies or TV series for free. OnionPlay, you might have heard of it or come across it once or twice on the internet but don’t know how it works.

OnionPlay - Watch Free Movies And TV Shows Online

What’s on Onion Play?

For any Hollywood movies or TV series you are looking to watch, you will find them on this platform. Well, OnionPlay is an online platform, one of the best places to watch free movies and TV shows for free. A lot of users do visit this platform daily, as it has a huge collection of both movies and TV series to stream.

You don’t have to sign up for an account or subscribe to any monthly subscription plan. It is ads-free, you will never come across any annoying advertisements, no buffering.

If you are looking for the latest or newly released movies or TV series, either old or recent episodes you need to try out the OnionPlay platform. This platform happens to be the best when it comes to updating its collection with newly released movies and TV series.

Imagine getting access to an unlimited stream of movies and TV series; where there is no limit to how you can stream on the Onion Play movie platform.

You will find movies and TV series in HD with the highest quality to watch online like Money Heist, Fast and Furious 9 (f9), Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021, Venom: Let There Be Carnage 2021,  Rumble 2022, No Time to Die 2021 and a lot more on OnionPlay.

Well, OnoinPlay does have a mobile APK app, which you can download and install on your mobile devices to get easy access to stream it movies and TV series.

Genres of OnionPlay

One thing I love about this website is how its movies and TV series a well arrange for easy access. You can make use of any of the available genres on the Onion Play platform to look for the movie or TV shows you want to stream online. Below they are;

  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Drama
  4. History
  5. Mystery
  6. Sci-Fi
  7. Western
  8. Adventure
  9. Crime
  10. Family
  11. Horror
  12. Reading
  13. Thriller
  14. Animation
  15. Documentary
  16. Fantasy
  17. Music
  18. Romance
  19. War

Above is the list of the category you can select from when you want to watch or stream any movie or TV show on this platform.

OnionPlay Search

The first thing you see when you visit this platform is the search box, which is at the top-center of the OnionPlay Homepage. With the search box, you can make use of the name of the movie or TV show to find what you want to stream on this platform.

You just need to type in the name of the movie or TV series into the search box and click on the “search bar” button. Within a minute, your search should be complete; displaying different results based on what your search query is. Then it is now up to you, to decide on the movie or TV shows you want to watch online.

By Release Year

You can make a decision to watch full movies and series by their release year. Here are the lists of available release years on this platform, from 1917 to 1999, 2000 to 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 to the current year we are in. You just need to click on any of the years, then it will display a list of movies and TV series that were released that year.

Top 50 IMDB Rated

The best from a year back, the top-rated movies and TV shows by IMDB of all time to the current year, you will see on this platform.

  1. Diary of Wimpy Kid 2021
  2. The Shawshank Redemption 1994
  3. Rumble 2022
  4. The Godfather 1972
  5. Love Hard 2021
  6. The Godfather: Part II 1974
  7. The Dark Knight 2008
  8. Psych 3: This is Gus 2021
  9. The United State of Insanity 2021
  10. David Attenborought: A Life on Out Planet 2020
  11. 12 Angry Men 1993
  12. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966
  13. The Matrix 1999
  14. Fight Club 1999
  15. Star War 1977
  16. The Shrink Next Door 2021
  17. Landscapers 2021
  18. Star Trek: Prodigy 2021
  19. The Prince 2021
  20. Arcane 2021
  21. Dexter: New Blood 2021
  22. The Wheel of Time 2021
  23. Rick and Mary 2013
  24. Young Royals 2021
  25. Guilty Party 2021
  26. Vincenzo 2021
  27. All the Queen’s Men 2021
  28. Rick and Morty 2021
  29. Love, Victor 2020
  30. Clarkson’s Farm 2021

If you’re looking for a movie or TV show to watch online, but don’t know a name, you can make use of the above list. Just visit the OnionPlay website and go to the Top 50 section and choose from the available list.

OnionPlay A-Z Library Catalog

This platform has a library catalog where all its movies and TV shows are listed alphabetically. You can make use of the OnionPlay A to Z list to browse for any movie or TV series you want to watch online.

It is very easy when you make use of the A to Z catalog, where you can just use the first letter of the Movie or TV show to look for what you want to watch.

Is OnionPlay a Safe Website?

Yes! The OnionPlay platform is “legit” and safe for use. It is of great service to a lot of users. As it doesn’t ask users for any personal info, it is completely Ads-Free. It does offer account registration for all users, but it is not compulsory for you to have an account before you can watch movies or TV series only.

OnionPlay Alternatives

There are lots of similar platforms to the Onion Play, should in case you don’t find the movie or TV shows you want to stream online. But am very sure you will find any movie or TV series you want to watch online on this platform. Below are the lists of some of the alternative websites to OnionPlay.

  1. HitMovies
  2. TheMoviesFlix
  3. LosMovies
  4. 9xFlix
  5. Pluto TV
  6. YesMovies
  7. Movcr
  8. CMovies
  9. Soap2Day
  10. Stremio

The above is a list of some sites like OnionPlay, where you can also stream movies and TV shows for free.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows on OnionPlay

It is very easy t watch any movie or TV series on this platform, you just have to look for it. There are different ways through which you can look for the movie or TV series you want to stream online.

You just need to make sure your internet connection is strong and stable; to ensure smooth streaming with no buffering.

  1. Open your web browser, visit www.onionplay.se
  2. Look for the movie or TV series you want to watch.
  3. From the Homepage, search for the title of the movie or series with the search bar.
  4. Or use the Genres to select a movie or series you want to watch.
  5. Now click on the Stream button.

Then wait for a little for the video player to load, after which your movie or series will start streaming after your click on the “Play” button. Note; you can’t currently download movies or TV series on the OnionPlay platform. You can only stream movies and TV series on the website in good quality for free.


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