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Office 365 Login – How Access the Office 356 Login | Microsoft 365 Login

Office 365 login is an online portal that allows users to go through some certain procedures with the require terms to access their office 365 email. The platform qualified users who are entitled to the privacy term meaning that users with an office 365 account. Office 365 login page made essential on the platform to access through the desktop, PC and also on mobile phones. Office 365 Login - How Access the Office 356 Login | Microsoft 365 Login Office 365 offers users with separate account meaning that while creating an office 365 account either work or school account and personals account can be used to access your account on the same application services. The requirement terms are users Email, Phone number and Skype ID and lastly the account password. Users make use of the process for identification of account and while identifying the account receive a restricted message for accessing the account. If locate such messages on the login page you can view the content below.

How to Resolve Office 365 Login Issues Online

One common issue of the login issues varies on what kind of problem you are facing. But the best ways to resolve issues office 365 login is through the online process. The platform has made it easy for users to access their problem once through the link www.office.com and follow the process.

  • Open the URL on the new tab on your PC with a web browser.
  • On the middle page “sign in” icon.
  • Click can’t access my account icon below.
  • Then select which account you are on
  • Fill out the info of your account and enter the character in form of letters.
  • Enter the code to your email and click next.

This will help users’ recovery their account and solve all the issues. Note that if you don’t have access to the email address you can click below “I can’t access the verification option”. Enter where you can be located by providing a contact email and access the details.  After the process, it will take you straight to your office 365 account. If your account is secure and you don’t know to access the office email the next heading is meant for you.

How Access the Office 356 Login

Office 365 has made the new login process is very easy to experience. Whereby ending road of inconvenient access to users email account. When you visit the login page with will display a pop-up tab for logging into and here is how to go.

  • Click on the click above URL or copy it to the new tab.
  • Locate the “sign in” icon at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Skype ID, email address or phone number.
  • Enter your password and click the “sign in” icon.

Note that there is an icon that keeps users log in to your email account. Click the icon “keep me signed in”, but ensure that it a private PC. Office 365 login allows users to access their account in window 10 without visiting the website. Just go to the window desktop and click my office. Navigate to the “sign in” icon at the top right page an access with the above steps.


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