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Netflix Account – How to Sign Up for Netflix | Netflix Account Login

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How do I create or sign up for a free Netflix account, or how to sign into Netflix or how member can login to their account? Netflix is an online streaming service, it allows every of it signed up member to watch and download TV shows, movies, documentaries and lot more. Downloading of TV shows and Movies is only allowed on the Netflix mobile app. You can create a free Netflix account, and watch any movie and TV shows within a month and cancel when the one-month period completes. Sign up for Netflix and get access to thousands of movies and TV shows from the top to small movies company.

Netflix Account - How to Sign Up for Netflix | Netflix Account Login

Netflix my account is a member profile which he or she create during the Netflix sign up steps. You can register for a Netflix account on your mobile phone, and your computer. To get full access to all of the Netflix movies and Tv shows, you will need to have a Netflix premium subscription. Sign up for Netflix free trial 3 months, and get closer to getting a Netflix premium account. After signing up on Netflix, Netflix account sharing is allowed for every member.

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

The goal behind Netflix, is for you to pick your price, pick your plane. Netflix offers you with 3 membership plans, trust me it does suit your needs. The plan you choose will determine how many people you can share you Netflix account with. Here are the Netflix subscription plans;

  1. Basic Plans for ($7.92): You can watch movies and tv shows on only one screen in SD at a time, with a standard definition.
  2. Standard Plans for ($9.83): You can watch movies and Tv shows on 2 screens in HD, at the same time with High definition.
  3. Netflix Premium Plan ($12.01): You can watch movies and tv shows in 4 screens in HD/UHD 4k, at a time. It includes a High definition and an Ultra High definition.

Note that you will be billed for every month for based on the plan you subscribe for and your location (Country).

Device Your Can Sign Up for Netflix on

Netflix has more than two platform where you can set up an account on. You can sign up for a Netflix on Android, Computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Smart TV and Streaming Media Players, and Set-to Box.

How to Sign Up for Netflix Account

Why waste so much time, when you are one step close to join millions of subscribers on Netflix and enjoy unlimited access to newly released movies and tv shows, documentaries, award winning tv shows and lot more, when you sign up for Netflix. Below is a step to sign up for your free account:

  1. Go to www.netflix.com, then tap on Try It Now.
  2. Or make use of the Netflix App.
  3. Then choose your plans.
  4. After your selection, click Continue.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. And create a password.
  7. Click on the Checkbox, for you not to receive notification, or don’t.
  8. Then click on Continue.

Then your can follow the onscreen prompt instruction to finish setting up your account. All that is left is for you to add you credit card to your account.

How to Sign in Netflix Account

  • Go to www.netflix.com, or make use of the App.
  • Click on the sign in button.
  • Enter your Email address and password.
  • Now click on the “Sign in” button.

In summary, you can make use of your Facebook account to sign up and log in with Facebook to Netflix. TO make use of the Netflix app, download the app from the Google play store on Android and the Apple store on iOS.

How to Cancel My Netflix Account?

If you no longer want to make use of Netflix anymore, Netflix would be so sorry to hear that. Note; sign out from the Netflix app or website, those not means you have closed your account. If you are on Streaming plans, you can cancel membership plan on your Account page. While on DVD plans which is for US only, you can from your account page as well.

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