Music on Facebook Videos: Now Playing Music Videos on Facebook

Facebook now makes it easier for people to play official music videos, a new way that helps every come together around the music world. This feature, music on Facebook videos is yet to come on board this weekend, which lets you discover, watch, and share any music videos from top artists across all genres of music on Facebook.

Music on Facebook Videos: Now Playing Music Videos on Facebook

Bring official music videos on Facebook, is a big social experience which is more than you just watching videos on Facebook. Facebook users don’t have to search for the latest music videos that are out. Or when an artist will release his or her new music video. You can now discover, watch, and share any music videos from your newsfeed, groups, and messenger from any artists worldwide. Music has been more personal to people than any other entertainment content.

Facebook users can now watch any music video from different artists, like, react, comment. And share music videos you like across Newsfeed, Groups, Messenger. You can now discover new artists on Facebook from which your friends have shared their music videos on their newsfeed. From which you can now connect with fans who have the same passion for the music you like and your favorite artists. If your close friends on Facebook share any music video of your favorite artist. You will see them on your Newsfeed.

Where and How you can Music on Facebook

Facebook adding new destinations for music to the Watch section. You can now discover and explore different music videos by artist, genre, mood. Use it new Music playlist like “Hip Hop MVPs”, “Epic Dance Videos”, and Trailblazers of Pop”. You can also find playlist based on “The Most Popular this Week” and “New This Week”.

The experience will be personalized based on users’ tastes for artists you follow and music videos you engage more on.  Users will be able to access the music destination in Facebook Watch using their Android and iOS mobile phones and on desktop, which beings from 1st of August 2020.

Facebook to Connect Artist and Fans Together

Already, artists are close to their fans using the Facebook app and website, and other social platforms. Sharing their everyday moment on stories, Music stickers, and promoting newly released. But there aren’t close enough, Facebook now lets artists connect with all their fans its platform using their official music videos on Facebook Watch.

Fans can now follow their favorite artist, stay up to date with their latest music videos. And post on theirs or favorite artist newsfeed. To follow your favorite artist, you can do that with the artist’s music videos or from their official page on Facebook. Then you will be able to know more about your favorite artists. Know when their next performance will be and how to buy their newly released music.


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