Fulfill Your Career Dreams With MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Today

You can fulfill your career dreams today with the Microsoft MS-101 Certification course today. Starting a career in any field is no mean feat, but starting a great one is even more. Therefore, if you want a great project management career that definitely comes with many great benefits for you.

Fulfill Your Career Dreams With MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification

Then what you need to do is to enroll in the Certbolt certification pathway which is offered by the internationally acclaimed Project Management Institute (MICROSOFT).

No doubt, with this vendor-neutral MS-101 certificate on your resume, your professional standing will grow much firmer, and you’ll easily stay ahead of others in the concerned field.

What To Know About The MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification

Kindly note that, for you to attain the Certbolt qualification, you are required to pass its namesake exam which consists of a total of 180 varied questions covering such key domains as process, people, and business environment.

And you’re to complete the given tasks within the limited duration of 230 minutes. You should also understand that you have to pay an enrollment fee to take this test. So, for a MICROSOFT member, the cost is $405, but for a non-member, $555.

How Do You Pass The Official Test?

Passing the official Certbolt accreditation exam comes with great patience and commitment because it’s not as easy as pie. But then, you can still turn that around by making the right moves, such as:

  • Taking advantage of every bit of info available on the official MICROSOFT website
  • Ensuring to have the officially recommended experience levels.
  • Going for relevant training or study sessions.
  • Exploring a variety of helpful prep tools (whether paid or free).
  • Employing appropriate practice tests.
  • Making use of reliable third-party materials from trusted websites.

and much more.

Why do you need To Pass The MICROSOFT MS-101 Official Evaluation?

You probably already have an idea of the reasons why you should ace the concerned exam. Of course, the general reason is that you will obtain the title of Certbolt as a result of passing this exam.

Still, there are many more benefits that you can enjoy after earning this designation. They are the following:

  • Enjoying the status of being a sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable professional in project management.
  • Selling you as a reliable, self-motivated, and highly committed individual who’s capable of solving any organizational or business problems.
  • Increasing your visibility, recognition, and respect, in any industry of choice.
  • Providing you with better job opportunities in reputable companies around the globe.
  • Improving your pay rate and overall financial satisfaction.

and so on.


Certainly, based on everything discussed in this article, it goes without saying that the Certbolt certification is a goldmine of many handsome benefits you can’t afford to lose.

And while it does not come easy, of course, there are various means through which you can get yourself to pass the required exam with flying colors.

So, take note of the info provided above, and take action too. And finally, you can rest assured that the Certbolt designation will become yours in no time. Good luck, and see you at the very top!


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