Messenger App Lock: Messenger Introduces App Lock and New Privacy Settings

Facebook’s new Messenger App lock with an Advanced Privacy Settings, letting you be yourself with those people who matter more to you. It was announced on July 22, 2020, by Jay Sullivan, the Director of Product Management, with the new Privacy and Safety coming to Messenger.

Messenger App Lock: Messenger Introduces App Lock and New Privacy Settings

Facebook Messenger app for Desktop. All that you are doing on the Messenger app, either messages, video chat, call, or a Messenger Room, can now be your own privacy with new App lock Face ID on Messenger app. The new privacy and security features on Messenger give you more hands to control what you do with the app.

New Messenger Privacy Features: App Lock and Privacy Settings

With the new Messenger app lock, you can add another security layer, which helps to keep all your message privately. It helps prevent anyone from having access to your messenger app non-like before when anyone can just access the messenger app and go through your message.

Even if you give someone or a friend or family is making use of your phone you don’t have to panic anymore. It gives you more confidence that they won’t be able to access your chat non-talk of reading it.

Messenger app lock works with most of your device privacy settings like a fingerprint or Face recognition authentication which would be used to unlock the Messenger app. Facebook has no intension of storing your face ID or touch (Fingerprint). This feature is out now on an iOS device, iPhone, and iPad, it will be out soon on Android devices in the next few months to come.

New Privacy Settings Sections on Messenger

To make use of the new app lock feature on Messenger, you will find it on the new section of Privacy Settings on Messenger. There you will see settings like Story Shortcuts; which let you set Audience stories you can view and stories you have muted, also people you have blocked. The new app lock and new Privacy settings let you decide what settings or experience will work best for you.

Facebook still yet to bring out more ways that would help you have control over your privacy. People do say they want to have more control over their calls and inbox, which makes Facebook works on how to improve the way users can control and decide who can call or message you, who can request to be friends with you, and who can’t call and message you. All this will be similar to that of the Instagram message controls.

You can bookmark this website, always check on the newly released feature on how you can control your experience and settings on the Facebook Messenger.


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