Memorial Day – 2020 USA American Memorial Day Celebration | Memorial Day Ceremony

The Memorial Day is a very great day in the United States of America. Memorial Day is a day dedicated to honor the fallen heroes who have served in the U.S Military. Memorial Day is a day where Americans visit cemeteries of Loved ones who died in battle fields and wars. The Memorial Day is a day where families of Fallen heroes gather together and engage in a parade. However, the Memorial Day is regarded as the Decoration Day because on that day, the families of all the fallen soldiers gather to pay their tribute and respect as a remembrance to them.

Memorial Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2020 | How to Celebrate Memorial Day

The real acknowledgement of the Decoration Day as the name implies, appears as the day where their graves will be decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers and a flag. This is followed by recitation of prayers and singing of hymns. However, the Memorial Day was declared a federal holiday in the United States of America where the federal employees enjoy a three-day weekend. The Memorial Day comes in the last Monday of the Month of May.

In recent times, the Memorial Day has become a tradition in the United States of America Annually. Many things happen on this Memorial Day, one of the traditions observed by the families of the fallen comrades in honor of them is to eat a picnic meal while sitting on the ground of the cemetery. The interesting thing about the origin of the Memorial Day is the fact that it was orchestrated by some group of freed slaves some years back in Charleston, South Carolina. However, the nationwide celebration was birthed by the American government after the Confederacy. Today, celebrating the Memorial Day is in a grand style in the United States.

How to Celebrate the Memorial Day

Generally, celebrating the Memorial Day is a way to honor the fallen American soldiers, apart from their families visiting the cemeteries. The nationwide holiday is also enjoyed by the citizens through the following medium.

  1. Some families wear a red poppy as a tradition for honor and respect to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.
  2. On this day, Americans stop what they are doing at exactly 3pm on Memorial Day to remember and to honor those who have died serving the United States.
  3. Another special occasion done at the grave is the flag that is flown at half-mast until noon, and then raised to full mast until sunset on Memorial Day. The Memorial Day also create a room for volunteers to place American flag on graves.
  4. In general, on this day many people take weekend trips to spend a nice time with families and friends or throw parties where they wine and dine together during the holiday.


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