Manchester City to Sign Lionel Messi this Transfer Window

Manchester City to sign Lionel Messi this Transfer Window – Manchester Transfer News Update. Lionel Messi on the move to Manchester City to continue his football career. On the last transfer window, Manchester City offered lionel Messi a contract which did Triple his weekly wages on that of which Barcelona FC do pay him.

Manchester City to Sign Lionel Messi this Transfer Window

But due to the Love which Barcelona did show Lionel Messi right from day one of his careers on the Team he refused the offers from Manchester City.

Messi which is full Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini is a professional footballer who is an Argentine, he plays as a forwarded and a captain for both the Spanish club Barcelona and his National Team Argentina.

Due to the departure of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain F.C. left with him and Luis Suarez on holding the Barcelona forward.

It has been so stressful for Lionel Messi, making him play more than how he plays when he Neymar and Suarez play and support each other.

Lionel Messi Feature Career

Lionel Messi to manchester city, Lionel Messi hasn’t renewed his contract on Barcelona, who knows if he could be heading to Manchester City on a Free contract.

Well, that has not been concluded by anyone, still waiting to see if Messi would remain in Barcelona.

But such a player like that wouldn’t want to move to a new Club on a free transfer.

What would make Lionel Messi join Manchester City, would be because of forms coach Pep Guardiola which did coach him to become who he is to as a football player.

If Lionel Messi would be joining Manchester City for the new coming season, it would be a big achievement for the club.

It is 100% such Manchester City would be on beatable throughout the Premier League season which would somehow want to bit Arsenal record of not closing any Premier League game in a season.


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