How to Make Target Card Payment?

I just got my Target RedCard, how can I make payment? If you are worried about this question, you don’t need to anymore. All you just need to do is follow this article to the very end because it contains how you can make payments with your Target card.

How to Make Target Card Payment

Meanwhile, regular shoppers at Target get to enjoy amazing benefits from this popular RedCard. Issued by TD Bank, it offers 5 percent off purchases, free 2 days shipping for items purchased on the Target website, and an extended return period.

Not only do you get to enjoy early access to products and promotions, but as a cardholder, you will enjoy amazing coupons every year on the RedCard anniversary with no annual fee.

After you apply for the Target credit card and get approved, the next step is making a Target card payment. Read on to check out easy ways to make your Target card payment.

Different Ways how you can Pay your Target Card Bills

Below is everything you need to know about making a Target RedCard payment

How to make Target RedCard Payment in Person

You can easily make your payment in Target stores. All you just need to do is stop by the guest service desk with your Target REDCard or billing statement. Hand it over to the employee so they can look up your account number. The attendant can use the account number to accept your payment and apply it to the account.

How to make my Target card payment by phone

Another easy way to make your credit card payment is to contact the customer service team. You can get the contact information on the Target RedCard website. Once you get the number, follow the automated instructions or request to speak to a guest service representative. You will see the payment you made in your account within two business days.

How to Make Payment with my Target Card by Mail?

You can pay your Target card bills by mail. RedCard holders always receive monthly statements by mail. Consumers can just tear off the bottom stub and send it in with their payment using the envelope provided. You will have to send in your payment 5 to 7 days before the due date so that it can arrive there on time.

In addition, when sending your payment minus the stub, make sure you add the Target card number to the memo section of the check. So that the processor of the payment will know which Target customer should get credited.

How to make Target RedCard Payments online?

To make the online payment:

  • Visit the Target RedCard login portal “here“.
  • And enter your username and password.

Once the Manager My RedCard appears on your screen.

  • Tap on “Schedule payment.”

It is under the payment information tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Follow the on-screen instruction to have your payment debited from your savings or checking account. Note; as long as you make your payment before 5 pm CST, it will surely get posted the same day.


What happens if I miss a Target card payment?

The credit card payment due dates are at least 20 days after the closing of every billing cycle. If you miss your payment, you may end up paying more than the 5% you get on your purchases. So, make sure you always pay your REDCard bills on time.

In addition, as soon as you know that you missed a payment, pay the card balance as soon as possible. You will be charged a late fee of at least $14 interest for every time you carry a balance.

Also, catching up on your due balance quickly is also very essential when it comes to your credit scores and report. According to Equifax, the longer a bill goes unpaid, the more damage it has to your credit score.

How can I avoid Target RedCard’s late Payment Fees?

There are 2 ways you can void the late payment fee. You can easily use the Target online portal to schedule a payment up to 30 days in advance. Or set up a reminder alert that sends you emails anytime your payment is coming due. Here are the two ways, check them out below;

To schedule Target card payments in advance

  • Visit the Target credit card log-in page.
  • Sign in with details.
  • Go to the Manage My RedCard page, and tap on “Schedule a payment” in the payment information category.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to schedule a payment in advance.

Set up a Target RedCard payment-due email remainder

  • Visit the Target RedCard login page.
  • Sign in with your details.
  • Navigate settings and click on “Set Alerts.”
  • Choose when you want to get the remainder by putting down the number of days before your credit card payment is due.

Once you get the remainder, make use of the best way to make your Target Card payment on time.

Can I change my Target card payment date?

Changing your payment due can be very useful in coordinating the payment with your salary day or setting up the date to one you can easily remember. You can change the payment date by calling the right guest services number available on Target’s official website.

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