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Log into Netflix

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How to log into my Netflix account or how do Netflix Canada member sign in or login to their account? Netflix allows you to login to your membership account on any device, mobile phones, computer, smart Tv and streaming media players, Xbox 360, gaming consoles, and more other devices. Login to your Netflix account on any device and watch or stream movies and tv series online with friends and family. Netflix account login or sign gives you access to the Netflix app or website for you to stream the latest or trending movies or tv shows.

Log into Netflix

Furthermore, Netflix is free movie and tv series streaming platform, which offers you with 30 days free trial, you can sign up for an account with unlimited access to stream movies and tv shows on Netflix. Netflix account comes with a membership plan, you will need to select from the Netflix subscription plan which suit you or which best for you.

How to log into my Netflix account and continue watching or steaming any of the Netflix movies or tv shows. Netflix account login or Netflix member login to account is all the same in Canada and in other countries including the USA, UK, Spain, and other countries worldwide. To log into or sign into your Netflix account, it requires your Email address and password to access your Netflix account.

Netflix Account Login – Netflix Member Log into My Account

First of all, Netflix requires your sign up credentials or info you use when creating your Netflix account. Your Netflix login detail which is required for you to log into your member account is your Netflix username or Email address or Phone number and your Netflix account password.

To Log into Netflix Account with Phone Number:

  1. Go to the Netflix website or make use of the Netflix app.
  2. To access Netflix on the web, visit www.netflix.com/login on your web browser.
  3. Tap on Login.
  4. Enter your phone number, then tap on next.
  5. Now enter your Netflix password
  6. Lastly, tap on sign in or login.

To Sign In on Netflix App:

  1. On your mobile phone, iOS or Android device, open the Netflix app.
  2. The first page you see is the Netflix sign in or login page.
  3. Enter your username or email address or phone number.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Then, simply tap on sign in.

Note; you can’t login to the Netflix platform if you are not a member, which means you can’t login to Netflix with an email address, phone number, a username, or a password. You can only have access to the Netflix streaming site, to view movies and tv series which is on the site. This means the only member who has signed up for an account on Netflix site can successfully log into or sign into the Netflix website.

How to Log into Netflix Account without Your Username, Email Address, and Phone Number?

Netflix has other alternatives, which you can login to access your member account. If you have a profile on Facebook, you can log into Netflix with your Facebook account. Follow the below steps t login to your Netflix account with your Facebook account.

To Login to Netflix with Facebook:

  1. Open the Netflix app or visit the website www.netflix.com.
  2. Tap on login with Facebook.
  3. Make sure you are login to your Facebook on the device you are making use of.
  4. If you are not logged in, enter your Facebook account login info and click on Login.

To summaries all, the entire steps above for Netflix sign in or login, is mainly for new signed up members who just join the Netflix streaming service.

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