Kumara Parvatha (Kp): Climb to Understand the Ple

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We left Bangalore late on a cold Friday night in November. The journey to Kumara Parvatha was quite dull as everyone was tired of their office work; till we stopped at the roadside shop for tea late at night. It was the first time we all talked to each other We covered a distance of around 280 km for 6 hours.

Kumara Parvatha (Kp): Climb to Understand the Ple

The roads were twisty which reminded me of a trip to the hills of Himachal. We were all sleepy so we started sleeping on our seats.

The overnight journey on the bus gave us back pain. We stretch our legs in the morning and get refreshed, drink some juice, and have a light breakfast afterward.

THE TREK BEGINS for Kumara Parvatha:

It was a chilly sunny day and we were all ready to start our journey. It all started with the small temple town of Kukke Subramanya. Based on our formal introduction. We were a team of 15 people.

Prashant told us about his trip and the activities that we were supposed to do there. We took some group selfies and started looking for the people in the forest. The first few kilometers were hardly a climb.

Our way Passed through the lush forest, small stones and gravel covered the whole path. We stopped at several points to let the beauty around us sink in. But after almost an hour of relentless trekking, the jungle started to test our endurance.

Everything was wet there because of the rain that had fallen all night. We thought we were lucky until a faction pulled the leeches off their feet.

We also saw a giant spider on the way that looked like a tarantula. I must say if you guys are planning to come here then you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

But we were not worried at all as the organizers only had a special person with a first aid kit and a snake bite kit. With not a single soul in sight, I thought we had taken the wrong path until we reached the waterfall.

There we decided to take a short break and relax for some time. The water we drank from the spring felt like a stream from heaven. From that point onwards the forest became thick and the path became steep.

The last part of the trek required a tough climb

Before we finally ran out of thick trees. The sun was so harsh on us that we had to apply sunscreen all over our exposed parts of the body.

When we all reached the base camp, they were serving lunch and we all ate like we had not eaten for many days. Though it was only sambar and rice it felt so satisfying that we could not think of anything else.

After 4-5 hours of continuous trekking, we were all tired as hell and wanted to rest at the basecamp itself but Prashant inspired us and convinced us to complete the trek in a single stretch.


It was 3 p.m., we took permission from the forest department and went to conquer KP hill. We left our backpack and sleeping bag at base camp and took only water bottles with us.

It was hot as hell as the forest disappeared and we were left with thorny bushes and uneven paths, no wonder it is called the toughest trek in Karnataka. Somehow, we were able to reach the top of Sheshparbat.

I have no words to describe that feeling in words. Finally, we made it. It was almost 5 p.m. and a cold wind was blowing, the sky was clear and the sun was only set on the horizon.

Have you ever visited a place that you wanted to keep a secret? Ever wanted to keep it away from the world – and only for yourself? It was such a place for me.

A trek so beautiful that the physical workout felt like it was worth it…a destination so picturesque that I felt like I was in the land of God. (I would often think on my trek if I was dreaming).

We were all busy taking pictures at the top of the hill, when we heard a voice saying “Abhi kar 1 more to go”, it was Prashant pointing to the mountain adjacent to the mountain we were sitting on. He said it is not KP we are still undone.

Trust me, after hearing this most of us just sat there and laid down our weapons. The mountains rose as if determined to kiss heaven.

View from the Top of the Hills of Kumara Parvatha

And Prashant is one of its kind, he inspired us and the view of the top of the hill of Kumara Parvatha pulled our feet forward. That one km felt like 100 but somehow, we completed it. Mountains Lay in a large line like the spine of the ground.

It was as if long ago they were a great beast, only to lie down one day and never get up. Maybe the animal was enchanted Go to sleep, maybe his spirit was still there.

To pass them the clouds must go high and meet the cool air there, then they pour their rain on us every drop. It was such a relief; we all were filled with an immense sense of fulfillment.

The flags of Karnataka and India were hoisted above. Now we can only imagine how those soldiers must have felt when they captured Tiger Hill.

Shiva Temple

There was a Shiva temple above and the sound of the bell still roared in my ears. I slept on the rock and looked at the bare sky. Nowadays such a clear sky can only be a dream.

Being this close to nature I forgot all the sorrows of life and wanted that time to stop there forever at that moment. I was almost asleep but startled by a voice, it was Pacific again.

He wanted us to get down from Kumara Parvatha to the basecamp before dark. The 7km walk had made us hungry like animals and tired so he gave us some energy bars.

We started We are descending faster than we are coming up. It was difficult to get down in the dark. There was a point where I slipped and my foot hurt.

The crew decided to slow down a bit. When I reached Basecamp, they told me it was a ditch where I had slipped. When we reached Basecamp, Prashant was ready with all the tents.

We all had dinner and were planning to have a good night’s sleep as we were tired as hell but then Prashant had something else planned for us. I must say that he is full of energy all the time and apart from that, he has a very good sense of humor.

We all have our views about the trek and they told us about the next day’s itinerary. We played a game called MAFIA. I can’t remember how long we played it – but it was enough to relieve our travel fatigue of us. Around 2 o’clock we all went to our tents and slept like a baby.

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