Jose Mourinho Fined For Tax Fraud In Exchange For Jail Sentence

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has accepted a one-year prison sentence for tax fraud, a Spanish court filing confirmed on Tuesday, although the Portuguese will not serve any jail time after exchanging the sentence for a fine.

The prosecutors’ office in Madrid confirmed that Mourinho appeared before a judge in a Madrid court to ratify the plea bargain agreement he had reached with the tax office.

Mourinho, who pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, has been fined €2 million. Additionally, Mourinho has agreed to exchange the one-year sentence for a €182,500 fine.

Spanish prosecutors said the 56-year-old failed to declare revenues from image rights in Spanish tax declarations from 2011 and 2012, when he was coach of Real Madrid, “with the aim of obtaining illicit profits.”

Mourinho defrauded the tax authorities of €3m. He signed over his image rights to a British Virgin Islands-registered company, Koper Services S.A., in September 2004, and the company structure was used by Mourinho “with the aim of hiding from the tax authorities the benefits earned from his image rights.”

He will not serve any time in prison as sentences of under two years in Spain can be served under probation for first-time offenders.

Jose Mourinho is the latest high-profile personality to have reached a plea bargain deal with Spanish authorities.

In January, Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to settle the case by paying an €18.8m fine and accepting a suspended jail sentence for four counts of fraud from 2010 until 2014 while playing for Real Madrid.

Former Real Madrid star Xabi Alonso could also face charges as he has been accused of defrauding authorities of €2m. Alonso denies any wrongdoing.

Mourinho has been out of a job since being dismissed by Manchester United in December.


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