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Apply for JCPenney Credit Card – JCPenney Credit Card | JCPenney Credit Card Login

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JCPenney is issued to users by Synchrony Bank. It is a credit card that offers you with extra 15% off on any purchase they make online. Starting from the first day your JCPenney credit card was issued to you. And also, 5% off select merchandise. When you apply and get the JCP credit card you can use your JCPenney Credit Card for payment on any acceptable online store. With your JCPenney card, you can make payment of any bill you will like to cover up.

Apply for JCPenney Credit Card - JCPenney Credit Card | JCPenney Credit Card Login

If you are just looking to make payment online, you can make use of JCP or JCPenney credit card, to pay as a Guest. All you have to do is skip the JCP credit card application, log in, and registration steps and pay as a guest with JCPenney.

JCPenney Credit Card Benefits

Every JCPenney cardmember is automatically enrolled in a lot of rewards, with so many benefits that come with it.

  1. You earn a $10 reward for 200 points for every qualifying purchase you make.
  2. Get a special gift to celebrate your birthday.
  3. Earn extra opportunities for bonus events.
  4. For every qualifying purchase, you make with your JCPenney credit card you earn rewards 2x faster.
  5. This means for every $1 you spend; you get 1 point.
  6. And for every $2 you spend; you get 1 point in any other way you spend with your JCPenney card.
  7. Every JCPenney cardmember gets 150 plus for credit savings days.
  8. Users get special bonus opportunities on any brand they love.
  9. With the Platinum appreciation, users get an extra 30% off on Exclusive sale days.

Note the higher you on with the JCPenney or Jcp.com, the better it gets for you. JCP has to different credit card, which is Gold status and Platinum status.

Gold Status

Users do have to spend $500 or more in a year at JCPenney or jcp.com, to help to earn or maintain Gold Status.

Platinum Status

Users do have to spend $1000 or more in a year at JCPenney or jcp.com, to help earn or maintain Platinum Status.

Cost to Get JCP Credit Card

  1. $0 annual fee.
  2. $38 for the late payment fee.
  3. $27.99 when you purchase APR Rate.
  4. 23 days before payment are due.
  5. No less than $2.00 of interest.

What I Need to Know Before I Apply for JCPenney Card

When you want to apply for a JCPenney card, there is some basic information that is personal you would have to provide. It all based on the product and service you want to apply for with JCPenney Credit Card Synchrony Bank. This information is below;

  1. Your income and Social Security Number (SSN).
  2. Payment history and account balances.
  3. Your credit scores and credit history.

Well, all JC Penney credit card information is protected by Synchrony back. You don’t need to panic about how safe your personal information is. With the help of federal law, Synchrony bank help protects your JC Penney credit card information which is personal from any access that is unauthorized.

Information Needed to Apply for JCPenney Card

To apply for your JCPenney card, below are the basic information you need to provide to complete the application process.

  1. Your first, middle initial, and last name.
  2. You need your fully complete address country and state.
  3. Email address, and mobile phone number for verification.
  4. Date of birth and annual income.
  5. Then your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

How to Apply for JCPenney Credit Card

With the help of Synchrony Bank, the application process for the JCPenney credit card has been shortened. This means users can now apply for their JCPenney card with ease, without providing too much personal information. You can apply for your new JCPenney credit card at a low-cost fee;

  1. Go to apply.syf.com, the application page for JCPenney Credit Card.
  2. Then provide your personal information.
  3. By entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
  4. Enter your mobile phone number.
  5. Then click on the “Continue” button.

After which you would have to follow the prompt screen instruction, providing all the necessary information to complete your JCP credit card application process.

JCPenney Credit Card Login

You can log in to your JCPenney credit card for bill payment and pay for purchased items online. And also, check out your payment history, and check your account balance. Follow the below steps to log in to your JCP credit card;

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to jcpenney.syf.com/login/.
  3. Make use of the sign-in form.
  4. Enter your JCPenney user ID.
  5. Then enter your JCPenney password.
  6. Then click on the “Secure Login” button.

You will then be logged in to your JCP credit card account, where you can pay your bills and make payment for any item you purchased online.

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