Jango: Free Online Music Streaming Site – Internet Radio

A lot of music websites and apps you will find on the internet today; where you can listen to different mp3 music online and also download to listen offline. Some might be free and some might be paid, but currently, on the internet, you will find more of the free mp3 music website. Then the paid one, you can easily come across this mp3 website that offers free access to listen to music or songs. Because there are all over the internet; compare to the paid mp3 music or songs platform. You might have heard of “Jango” it’s one of these free mp3 music or songs websites.

Jango: Free Online Music Streaming Site - Internet Radio

What is Jango?

Jango an “Internet Radio” is an online free American music streaming service; a platform that operates worldwide. Like you can get access to listen to any music or songs from any country by any artist around the world all for free. When you make use of the Jango free online music streaming platform. Jango is also called an online free internet radio for streaming music or songs.

You can only stream music only on the Jango website but is not yet available for users to download songs to listen to offline. It offers to sign up for an account, to have a profile on its platform. But it is not a most or it is not compulsory to create an account on the Jango website.

You can stream online on the Jango site; any music or songs you want to without signing up for an account. You can also watch the YouTube video of the music or songs you want to listen to on this platform.

Is Jango Radio Free

Yes! Jango radio platform is completely free to use. You can stream from its huge music or songs collection filled with over 100,000+ artists daily, weekly, and monthly released. Jango offers you with unlimited streaming feature; you can listen to any music or songs online for free; anytime and anywhere as long you have an internet connection. And have gained access to the Jango radio platform.

Is Jango Radio Legit or Legal?

Yes! The Jango streaming music website and the app is completely legal and legit. You can make use of it without thinking of your safety; or if your device will get infected with the virus. This is because Jango is 100% safe and legal to make use of it on any device. Regardless of its platform, you are making use of; either the mobile app or website www.jango.com.

Is Jango Radio Good?

Any word above the rating of good; that what you can say about the Jango website. Over half a million people have liked the Jango free music online website. And it also has millions of users who visit the website to make use of it daily. And also, it has over a million signed-up users; whose profiles are very active.

For the Jango site to have a sure number of users; who make use of its platform, it means Jango is a good website for users to make use of. For them to stream any of their favorite or any latest newly released music for free.

Is Jango Radio a Safe Site to Use?

Yes! The Jango Radio site “Online music stream” is a safe site or app to listen or stream any of your favorite music or songs for free. It doesn’t contain a virus or harmful file that can cause you damage or affect your device; when you visit to make use of it.

How Does Jango Radio Works?

The Jango platform has an amazing interface both on its website and its mobile app; you can easily navigate around in search of the music or songs you want to listen to online or download offline. It has a huge collection of music or songs you might want to find interest in when you come across or visit the platform.

You can easily listen to any new or your favorite old music on the Jango free online music platform. It has a different station which is also known as Category or Genres; where can stream music online.

Music is well arranged based on the name given to each station on the Jango website. Like that of the Best of 2020 station, you will find hot music by a different artist whose songs went viral and were trending that year.

Jango lets users get access to its platforms using any device; on mobile or Pc. You can make use of your desktop computer, with the help of any desired web browser. Or you can make use of your Android; on iOS devices, you can make use of your web browser.

Using your Pc devices; you can visit the www.jango.com website with your web browser. While using any of your mobile devices, you can use the Jango app.

Jango Radio App – Mobile App Download

Outside the website; the Jango platform has an amazing mobile app on your Android devices. You can download the app from any of the available app stores; like on your android devices, you can visit the Google Play Store. Below are the Download steps;

On Android Using Google Play Store;

  1. Open the Google play store app.
  2. Tap on the search box.
  3. Type in the name “Jango”.
  4. Then click on the “Search” button.
  5. From the displayed set of results.
  6. Click on the “Jango Radio”.
  7. Now click on the “Install” button.

Then wait for it to finish downloading; it will automatically install on your devices. Then you can open it create a profile if you want to go straight ahead to listen to any music or songs on the Jango app.

Note; the Jango app is currently not available on the Apple store, you can download the app to stream songs online.

Category/Genre of Music or Songs

When you visit the Jango platform, you can browse different stations; where you can get access to listen to music or songs based on your interest. Below are the stations to browser music or songs from on Jango.com;

  1. Top Artists.
  2. Top Stations.
  3. Christmas & Holidays.
  4. Trending.
  5. Pop.
  6. K-pop.
  7. Country.
  8. Hip Hop.
  9. Workout.
  10. Dance/EDM.
  11. Party.
  12. Moods.
  13. Sleep.
  14. Dinner.
  15. Chill.
  16. Love Songs.
  17. R&B Soul.
  18. Seasonal.
  19. Events.
  20. Rock.
  21. Punk.
  22. Meta.
  23. Indie.
  24. Alternatives.
  25. Classical & Opera.
  26. Gospel & Christian.
  27. Jazz.
  28. Blues.
  29. Latin.
  30. Folk.
  31. Reggae.
  32. Kids.
  33. Travel.
  34. Funk.
  35. Focus.
  36. Music Fests.
  37. World & International.
  38. Independent.
  39. New Age.
  40. Decades: 60’s.
  41. Decades: 70’s.
  42. From Decades: 80’s.
  43. Decades: 90’s.
  44. From Decades: 2000’s.
  45. Decades: 2010’s.

Wow! So many stations “Categories/Genres” the Jango platform has; where you can choose from any to stream and listen to any music or songs you want to, all for free.

Top Curated Genre Stations on Jango Radio

Jango has some top curated stations like the best of 2020, Today’s Top 100, Top Hits of Today, Today’s Top 100(Clean), Hot Rap, Hot Pop Remix, and soon. It depends on the stations “Categories or Genres” you want to browse through on the Jango radio platform.

Under every station you are browsing through; you will find a sub-list of stations of what you can listen to on the Jango Radio stations.

Search for Music or Songs on Jango

Make use of the search box on the Jango website or app, to search for the Artist’s name or any Genre you want to listen from. You can easily find the music or song by any artist you want to stream online; when you make use of the search bar. What you need to do; is to tap on the search box and type in the Artist or Genre, or the music or songs name.

Then hit tap on the search bar button; it will then display different results based on your search query. You can then make a decision on any of your choice you want to listen to.

How do I Get my Music on Jango?

It is very easy to get your music; like any music, you want to stream online and listen to on the Jango.com website or its mobile app. You just have to search for the music or song you want to listen to or make use of the category/Genres or any stations on the Jango radio platform.

To Stream Music or Songs on Jango Radio;

  1. Browse through the stations based on your interest.
  2. After you find the music or songs.
  3. Click on the music or songs.
  4. It will then direct you to the music or song stream page.

Which it will automatically play for you to listen to; the music or songs. With all that I discovered and just reviewed about the Jango website; I will rank the Jango online music streaming site; among the top ten (10) free music or songs platform online today.

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