Is Stremio illegal or Legal, or is it Safe to Stream on?

The question here is that, is Stremio illegal or legal, or is it safe to stream on it? It has been trending on the internet, different questions are been asked if it is right or wrong to make use of the Stremio website or app. Is it right to make use of the Stremio App to stream movies or tv series shows, watch videos on its channels?

Is Stremio illegal or Legal, or is it Safe to Stream on?

Where the internet today, is filled with thousands of websites, apps, or platforms where you can get access to streaming or watching movies and tv series for free. The Stremio platform is one, it happened to be one of the best, popular online free movies and tv series streaming platforms. It is known as a solution to very videos entertainment, where you can easily organize all your media.

The Stremio official website is, but it doesn’t offer users to stream or watch on it. You can only stream with the Stremio mobile app or desktop app, or you can install the app on other devices like your Smart TV.

Is Stremio illegal to Use?

Not everyone who makes use of the internet today knows what piracy is. Well, when it comes to the aspect of movies and tv series; piracy is the act of uploading content to a website or platform without the awareness of the original copyright owner. If you ask if Stremio is illegal, I will say no, the Stremio website is not an illegal website.

Is Stremio Legal to Use?

Yes! the Stremio platform is legal to watch or stream movies & TV series for free; It just comprises illegal add-ons. It doesn’t upload content for users to stream or download to watch offline. Stremio makes use of add-ons to offers its movies and tv series, live video tv, and more; for users to watch online with it the help of its mobile and desktop

Is Stremio Safe to Use?

Yes! The Stremio platform its “App” or “Website” is safe to use because it is an open-source software “Platform”. And it doesn’t collect any personal data from users who make use of its platform. It only asks users to create an account, using either an email address or their Facebook account.

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And you can also make use of the Stremio platform as a guest. Just click on the login button, and accept all its terms and conditions, then click on the “Login as a Guest” button.

Is Stremio Dangerous?

It is not dangerous to make use of Stremio; It is safe to download and install the Stremio app on either your mobile phone on Android or iOS “iPhone” or your desktop computer “Pc”.

Can Stremio Give you a Virus?

You can make use of the Stremio app on mobile or pc devices; your devices can’t get affected by viruses when making use of it. The Stremio platform is completely free from virus treat, it’s safe to make use of it.

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