Is Google Keyword Planner Still Free?

No! The Google Keyword planner tool is not free anymore; And Yes, it is. But not like before, when it was free for anyone to make use of any time, anywhere, on any device.

Then, anyone can just visit the Google keyword platform on a Pc with the website or the app on mobile devices; and easily set up a free ads account to start making use of. But now it no longer happens that way anymore.

Is Google Keyword Planner Still Free?

Currently, you now have to pay to make use of the Google Keyword tools to search for keyword ideas; Or make use of any of its Ads features.

Now a lot of users will see it has an issue; that the keyword play is no longer functional. And a lot of questions will be al over the internet, saying;

What happens to the Google keyword tools, why is the keyword planner not working for me. How to use the Google keyword planner. A lot of questions are yet to be asked about; if the Google Keyword Planner is free or not.

Since Google Keyword is not free anymore; how to make use of it? You just have to set up a campaign on your already created account.  No need to set up a new Google adware account.

Just visit the Google ads billing setup page, and fill in your billing info, and the Google keyword planner will start working for you in no time.

Suggestions to Make use of the Google Keyword Planner tools without Campaign

Even after paying to make use of it Google keyword planner tools; you can still make use of the Google ads tools for free. What you need to do is; after you finish setting up your Google ads account, you have filled in your billing info correctly.

You can decide to run an advert with your account if you like to make your account active. Google should see you as an active ads user. Or, you decide not to run an ads campaign. If you don’t know what to advertise on Google. Mostly for bloggers who make use of the Google keyword planner for keyword researches.

When you are done setting up your account, then you don’t have to do anything. Then you can make use of the Google keyword planner for free.

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