Instagram Checkout – How to Check Out an Item on Instagram Shop

How to make use of check out of Instagram or how can I Checkout items from the Instagram shop. Instagram checkout allows you to buy or purchase items listed for sale from different brands with you leaving Instagram. You can only check out an item on Instagram through the mobile app, Instagram checkout isn’t available on a computer. Instagram check out can be used together with Facebook pay to make payment of items from the Instagram shop.

Instagram Checkout - How to Check Out an Item on Instagram Shop

Not everyone can yet make use of the Instagram checkout, it also goes to shopping on Instagram. At the top tab side of your Instagram profile, there you will see the Instagram checkout icon, on your mobile device. If you don’t see the check out on your Instagram account or the shop icon, it means you are not yet eligible to make use of it. Every item you buy or purchase with Instagram checkout is covered with the Instagram Purchased Protection Policy.

When shopping and checking out on Instagram, some users can now make use of Facebook pay for automatic payment experience. You can only purchase items on Instagram which shows Checkout on Instagram or Add to Bag on the Check out page. Note, details from any product that shows a view on the Website, you can’t purchase or buy them through the Instagram shop.

How to Buy Something on Instagram Shop – Instagram Checkout

You can buy anything from Instagram as long as the brand has listed it for sale on IG shop. Well, Instagram just launches a new Shop section which lets you use Facebook Pay.

To Buy on Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram on your mobile app.
  2. Tap on any post which indicates the Shop icon, to check on the item name and its price.
  3. Tap on any price tag to see if the checkout is available.
  4. Then select any specification for the item.
  5. Choose and tap on Add to Bag or Checkout.
  6. After, click on proceed to Checkout, if you are ready to make a purchase.
  7. Enter your billing address.
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Now enter your payment method, you can make use of Facebook Pay. But it not yet available for everyone.

After adding your payment method, you will need to review your order before the place your order. Note, you can need to enter an address which at first which match that of your Payment Method. Then after you can add an additional billing address for delivery.

The moment you place your order, an option will pop up asking you to create a pin, which will help secure your checkouts order for the future.

How to Set Your Pin for Instagram Checkout?

You can set/create and change the pin from settings on your account.

  1. Tap on your profile picture.
  2. Tap on the menu button.
  3. Then click on Settings.
  4. Tap on Payments.
  5. Tap on Security PIN.
  6. Then follow the onscreen instruction to set or change your Checkout PIN.

You can change or turn off an existing PIN, to do that, click on PIN and follow the onscreen prompt instruction.

How to Set PIN for Facebook Pay

When you are making use of Facebook Pay for your Checkout on Instagram, you can as well make use of a PIN.

  1. Click on your Profile picture, below the right corner.
  2. Tap on Orders or Payments.
  3. Tap on Security and click on Next, which will always ask for a PIN to Confirm Payments.
  4. Type in a 4-digit code r number to set as your PIN re-enters the same number to confirm your Facebook Pay PIN.

Note, you can change or reset your PIN if you forget it. Just select Change PIN and click on Forgot PIN. You will need to enter your Instagram password reset your PIN.

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