Instagram Ads Guide – How to Advertise on IG

With a sum of over 929 million people, Instagram ads are a powerful essential tool for marketers on social media. With easy access to Facebook targeting tools and options, Instagram advertising is an effective strategy for big and small businesses.

Instagram Ads Guide

In this post, we will direct you through different guides on how you can advertise on Instagram and how you can create your first ad on the Instagram platform.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are business posts or stories promoted on Instagram; Instagram users can see them on their feeds. Businesses pay to advertise their brand and services; they look like regular Instagram posts. You can identify this post or stories by a “Sponsored” label.

You must switch your profile to a professional account to create an Instagram ad. Facebook ads tools are another option for creating an ad that would appear on the IG platform.

How much do Instagram ads cost?

There needs to be an answer to how much Instagram advertising costs. The cost of Instagram ads depends on how you set your ads and how it impacts the target, ad placement, ad format, and time of the year.

Instagram doesn’t set how much you can spend on advertising; it depends on your budget. You can place your advert for it to send $10 a week. You can also set to spend more than that, like $10,000 a week.

Type of Instagram ads

There are different formats of IG ads that you can make use of to advertise your businesses. Below are the forms you can use for ads on IG.

  1. Photo ads
  2.  Stories ads
  3.  Video ads
  4.  IGTV ads
  5.  Carousel ads
  6.  Collection ads
  7.  Instagram Shopping ads.

Each of the above-listed ad formats works with different goals and calls to action; it all depends on your business option.

On the Instagram platform, based on advertising, there are three ways in which you can run an advert on Instagram.

  1. Create ads directly from IG.
  2.  You can create ads from your Facebook page.
  3.  Create ad campaigns in Ads Manager.

It doesn’t matter where you create your Instagram ads from or on; they will still appear on the Instagram platform on the user’s feed after you convert your Instagram profile to a professional account, also known as a Business account. In some regions, you must connect your business account to your Facebook page.

Connect a Facebook Page to Your Instagram Business account

You can link your Facebook page to your Instagram business account, but you need to log in to your Instagram account and Facebook account on the same device. Follow the below steps to secure your business account on a Facebook page;

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2.  Click on Edit Profile.
  3.  Under the Public Business Information section, click on the Page.
  4.  Then click on the Facebook Page you want to connect to.
  5.  If you still need to create the Page, click Create a New Facebook page.
  6.  After connecting your business account to a Facebook page, click Done.

You must be an admin of the Facebook page you want to connect to, or else you won’t see the Page when you want to try connecting your Instagram business account to a Facebook page.

Guide to Creating Ads on Instagram

You can use this guide to create Ads on Instagram using the Instagram app. After you have converted your profile to a professional or business account, you can make use of the Instagram promotion button through your profile to run ads on a post and stories.

To create ads directly from IG:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2.  Go to your Instagram profile.
  3.  Tap on the Promotion button.
  4.  Tap and choose the post or story you would like to promote.
  5.  At the top right corner, tap on next.
  6.  Enter the destination where you want to send people to.
  7.  Choose your audience and the people you want your promotion to reach.
  8.  Set your ad budget and how much you want to spend daily.
  9.  Set the duration and how long you want your advertisement to run.
  10.  Then tap on next.
  11.  Now complete your promotion; click the “Create Promotion” under review.

Make sure you provide good detail for the post or story you are promoting, so it can meet the Instagram ad policies when it is under review. After your promotion is accepted, it will start running, and you will see it on your feed.

And it will appear on other Instagram users’ feeds. Click on the promotion button to view insights on how your promotion is doing. You can use a friend’s Instagram account to confirm if your advertising is running.

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