Different Ways Images Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

Images Conversion Rates; Indubitably, we live in a visual society, where infographics and gifs have taken over, and everyone we know is shooting selfies at every opportunity. For comparison, an estimated 60 million photographs are shared on Instagram every day. However, now it has become easy to convert PNG to DDS using a PNG to DDS converter.

Different Ways Images Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

What Causes an Increase in Image Conversion Rates?

What is a better approach to persuade you than to give you four reasons why you should make your photographs the focal point of attention? When designing a landing page, the image should never be the last thing on your mind.

When pictures are used solely for decorative purposes, they tend to be more harsh than good for your homepage or landing page or whatever the reason you are producing the image.

Moreover, sometimes changing the picture or image format can also help you boost conversion rates through the PNG to DDS converter and save PNG as DDS.

Emotionally Engage Your Visitors

The art of selling depends on how successfully you can elicit good feelings in your visitors for the product you’re selling and how well you can build a buying rationale for them.

Although you can easily express this logic using lines of text, not every visitor enjoys reading all you’ve written for them. But with the proper knowledge of image conversions and how to convert PNG to DDS, it can become simple for the visitors to be attracted to it.

Images conversion rates are high and are worth a thousand words, and when it’s displayed on your landing page, it’s worth a million. Because your visitors spend an average of 8 seconds on your landing page, using a photo that elicits an emotional response from them will assist you.

Build Trust

Testimonials may help you build trust with your consumers. They will assist you and your organization regardless of whether they are posted on your landing page or website.

Moreover, Anonymous testimonials do not have the same impact on visitors. Including human images on your landing page can assist in boosting conversion rates. The same holds if you provide a personal image beside your client testimonial.

A testimonial with a photo lets visitors see who has something positive to say about your product/service, which increases your trustworthiness. You can also convert an image format via PNG to a DDS converter.

Function as Directional Cues

Directional signals, such as an arrow or a route, assist you as a marketer in leading your visitor by the hand and guiding them to your CTA button and conversion objective.

However, it helps you guide how to use the PNG to DDS converter for transforming the formats of files.

Help You in Going Viral

Meticulously, smart pictures, like memes, are enjoyable, engaging, and amusing, and they may quickly become viral, sending your conversion rates to skyrocket.

Images can make or ruin a campaign. Depending on how you utilize them, they might either dazzle or disappoint your visitors. Make your photos count, and utilize them properly, and you’ll receive a lot of conversions, you must know the use of the PNG to DDS converter.

Using the Correct visuals to Appeal to your Consumers’ Emotions

Various studies have revealed that we buy products for emotional reasons. It is not enough for a user to merely browse; they also want to feel it. This is when the appropriate photos come into play. While the correct visuals might help your conversion rate, you are responsible for engaging the user’s senses.

One method is to use visuals or tactics to visualize themselves using your company’s goods. For example, Coastal, an internet site that sells glasses and contact lenses, offers a “try-it-on” function that lets buyers see how they’d appear in new spectacles.

Using Visuals that Appeal to Clients’ Emotions

Quality and comprehensive photos have a way of appealing to your client’s emotions, which is critical if you want your website to convert. Use 360-degree photographs and carefully put them in areas where your buyer can understand important facts about your goods.

However, displaying the goods from as many different perspectives and features as possible allows buyers to see what they are purchasing and identify with it. When you give various viewpoints, you will most likely reduce your return rate because you will be showing clients what they are getting.

Increasing Conversions by Using Bigger Pictures

Larger pictures lead to more conversions. Skinner Auctions increased the size of the photographs in their online catalog by 28% during an A/B test. As a consequence, 63 percent more visitors clicked on the option to begin bidding.

Even though the larger picture required that most of the page content be moved below the fold, it demonstrated that visitors were more interested in the image than scrolling down to see additional material.

Using Appropriate Imagery

It is simply not sufficient to select an image. Rather, it is critical to use pictures that are pertinent to the content on the landing page. ExactTarget changed the laptop picture on the landing page with a more relevant conference image in a test to attract attention to a Premier Digital Marketing Conference.

The second image outperformed the first by 40.18 percent. This second image must have defeated the first because it was more relevant to the idea of a dynamic marketing convention. Users must have felt more connected to the second image since it conveyed the idea of a wonderful lively venue.

Indeed, it is the eCommerce site’s responsibility to choose photos appropriate to the content on the landing page. A fascinating image relevant to your website’s aims does more than just enhance it; it also generates results.

Improving your Conversion Rate with Eye-Tracking Data

These days, several eCommerce businesses employ eye-tracking data and apply it to their site. There appear to be many similarities in how people move their eyes to the websites they visit. There are various lessons and benefits to be gained from eye-tracking data since they can increase your site’s conversion rate.

People Adore the Media

Make use of the appropriate photographs. Using the wrong photos might reduce the site’s trustworthiness. Men and women perceive things differently; therefore, tailor your visuals to the suitable target group.

Simplicity may provide you with the desired conversion rate. A simple design and removal of unneeded components on your website may lead your consumers to take action on your website.

Reading is done from left to right. This is why call-to-action buttons or even form fields should be placed higher on the web page, towards the left side.

Making Use of Testimonials and Videos

Here are some of the reasons why video client testimonials are valuable to your business: They give additional promotion for your company, increase your reputation, make your company more memorable, and improve your quality of customer service.

Furthermore, the research found that testimonials improved sales by 34%. A product that another client has suggested is more likely to be purchased by everyone. For example, Neil Patel, founder of Quick Sprout, confesses that the checkout page for his Quick Sprout membership program that contained a testimonial in the sidebar converted 6.38 percent better than the checkout page that did not have a testimonial. A recommendation after the;

The Use of Trust Badges

You may be wondering what trust badges have to do with increasing conversion rates. However, since online fraud continues to increase, it is vital to make the client feel safe. According to time-tested principles, when your consumer trusts or believes in you, he or she is more inclined to purchase from you.

Including a “trust badge” on the checkout page is a great way to boost conversions. Bag Servant, an online shopping business that aims to transform handbag purchasing online, tried placing a trust badge on their site and discovered a 10.27 percent gain with a 98 percent likelihood of beating the original, while product exploration increased by 60.42 percent.

Design Concepts for Increasing Conversion Rate

If the content is king, then design reigns supreme. Use colours that express the correct feeling, and make sure they are distinct from the backdrop colours on your website. Green on a yellow backdrop will not look as well as yellow on a royal blue background. The color variants on your website should be on.

Here are some of the reasons why you should optimize your website’s images:

  • Image optimization reduces file size more than any other part of a typical page.
  • Images account for 64% of the average web page.
  • Lossless image optimization preserves the original appearance while lowering file size by 20-40% for PNGs and 5-20% for JPEGs.
  • Image optimization on your website is a simple web performance chore that you can complete.

Including a Call-to-action Button

Your call-to-action is a visual representation of the tipping point between bounce and conversion. Your call-to-action is what motivates someone to act online, whether it’s downloading music, filling out a form, or making a purchase. As a result, it can account for more than 35% of your conversion rate.

This post is authored by Oghwie Ufuoma (Harrison) A.K.A Harry, the founder and Admin of Sportspaedia.com. With nearly a decade of expertise in the sports sector, Harry started with Sportspaedia, providing up-to-date information on sports and tech-related topics, breaking news, and daily opportunities for Football/Soccer fans and online users.


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