How Old Do You Have To Work at Kroger

How old do you have to be to work at Kroger? Kroger is a very popular and one of the largest American retail company chains. Presently, it is the third largest employer in the United States of America. As a prominent and popular grocery chain, Kroger is often a target for a young individual who wants to enter the workforce.

How Old Do You Have To Work at Kroger

If you are hoping to gain employment with this chain, you must meet the minimum age requirement. This is why, if you check the internet space today, the above question is one of the most frequently asked questions there.

And just so you know the question of how old you have to be to work at Kroger has different answers.  Whether you are 15, 14, or 16 years old, it is a matter of preference.

Generally, the answer to this question depends on the type of job you want to apply for, corporate policies, and the store’s culture. Follow this article to the very end to know how old you have to be to work at Kroger.

At What Age Does Kroger Hire?

First of all, you need to know that the minimum age to work at Kroger depends on the role you want to apply for and its nature. However, the typical age limit to work at Kroger is sixteen but certain positions are open to minors as young as fifteen and fourteen.

The job includes candy clerk, assembling pallets, carrying packages, and many more. Other jobs at Kroger will require background checks and more experience. If you have an interest in working in a fresh department, you should consider applying for a fresh associate role.

But for this role, you have to be 18 years old. However, know that some states will allow you to work as a fifteen-year-old in the company if you have a work permit. In addition, traditional jobs for 15-year-olds include working as a babysitter, acting for parents, and delivering newspapers.

Other job operations are in the retail and hospitality industries. One of the best parts of this company is that, even if you don’t have any experience, you can enjoy retirement plans and health insurance offered to the employees.

Can a 6-year-old work at Kroger?

As I have mentioned many times above, the minimum age to work at Kroger is 16. So, a 16-year-old can work in any Kroger store. In addition, you can earn up to 15 dollars per hour even with a lack of experience.

Can a 15-year-old Work at Kroger?

Well, this depends on the state you live in. Some states allow young people to work in some positions in the company. They allow them to work in non-hazardous positions as long as they have a work permit. Traditional jobs for this age include working at zoos, aquariums, retail, delivering newspapers, and working for parents and hospitality sectors.

Does Kroger Hire at 14?

Working in this company is a good opportunity for teenagers who want to earn money while learning skills. Kroger also hires 14-year-olds to work in positions that do not require experience in some states. However, these jobs require work permits by child labor laws.

How Can I Find Open Positions at Kroger?

There are lots of jobs available at grocery stores and other departments in the company. Kroger has part-time jobs for teenagers. This means you can study and also work at the same time.

Furthermore, if you want to apply for an entry-level job with Kroger, you can search their official website at for open positions in your area. Once you get to their job page, you will be provided with a form to enter your personal information and when you are available to work.

Other important questions include a work permit if prompted, special certifications, educational history, qualification, and work experience. After filling out the form, submit it. You will hear back from the company within 7-8 days.


What is the Youngest Kroger Will Hire?

To work at Kroger, the applicant must be up to 16 years old. You must be up to this age to work as an associate. However, teenagers under the age of 16 can also apply for the roles of bagger, cashier, cart retriever, and courtesy clerk.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Kroger Ohio?

To work at Kroger in Ohio, you have to be at least 16 years of age. If are below this age, you might not be able to apply and work in this location.

Can You Work at Kroger at 14 in Virginia?

Yes, you can work at the age of 14. However, you won’t get a job as an associate or a position with considerable experience. You can only work as a courtesy clerk, bagger, cashier, and cart retriever with a work permit.

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