How Much is Sam’s Club Membership?

Sam’s Club is a chain of member-only retail warehouse clubs owned by Walmart. It is an American-owned retail warehouse and one of the largest retailers with sales of approximately $57.839 billion.

How Much is Sam’s Club Membership

Knowing that Sam’s Club’s services are available to only its members; the next question on your mind is How Much is a Sam’s Club Membership? For information on the cost of Sam’s club membership and more continue reading this article.

How Much is Sam’s Club Membership?

Using Sam’s club membership card has a lot of perks as its members are offered an opportunity to save money and gain access to a wide range of products at cheaper prices. Sam’s club has two tiers of membership plans; here is a breakdown of the membership plans and their prices:

  • Sam’s club (regular entry-level membership)- $45 per year.
  • Sam’s club plus (Premium membership)- $100 per year.

Both membership plans have a lot of advantages like how it helps you save when you make purchases like groceries, gas, and more.


Is getting a Sam’s Club Membership worth it?

As I have mentioned previously Sam’s Club offers its members an opportunity to save on groceries and gas but groceries and gas are not the only things Sam’s club has to offer. Sam’s club has a great selection of electronics, furniture, games, clothing, and many more services at discounted prices exclusively for its members. So, getting a Sam’s Club membership is definitely worth it.

What are the perks of Sam’s Club plus?

The regular Sam’s club membership plan is good but Sam’s Club Membership is way better. There are a lot of perks that come with Sam’s club plus, here is a list of the advantages:

  • Free Shipping.
  • Curbside Pickup.
  • Pharmacy Savings.
  • Optical Savings.
  • Instant Savings.
  • Sam’s Club MasterCard®.
  • Members-only fuel savings.
  • Tire and battery center.
  • Complimentary membership.
  • Add-on memberships.

All these listed above are the benefits of the Sam’s Club plus plan.

Can I save money with Sam’s Club?

If you have space to buy in bulk and use products, Sam’s Club will definitely save you money. But be careful as you can overspend without knowing at Sam’s Club. This is because most purchases are in bulk, so you need to be deliberate about what you want to buy.

Can I shop at Sam’s club without a membership?

Yes, you can shop at Sam’s Club without membership only if you are accompanied by someone that has a membership. Sam’s Club permits members to bring a maximum of 2 visitors with them at the same time as they shop.

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