How Much is Gas at Sam’s Club?

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Sam’s club is an American-owned chain of retailers. Sam’s club provides all its customers with the best services such as food, gas, shopping, and more. Are you interested in Sam’s club and want to know more about Sam’s club gas like how much gas costs at Sam’s club and more? Continue reading this article to get more information on how much gas is at Sam’s club and more.

How Much is Gas at Sam’s Club

Before you think of buying gas from Sam’s Club, there are some things you should do before going to Sam’s club.

  • You must have Sam’s club membership to use Sam’s club services.
  • Check for the gas prices of Sam’s club online before you go to the pump.
  • Have knowledge of the opening and closing times of Sam club’s gas station.
  • Always have your Sam’s card club whenever you are at Sam’s club.

These are some of the things you need to know before you go to Sam’s Club gas station. Now that you know them, let’s see how much gas is at Sam’s Club.

How Much is Gas at Sam’s Club?

The good thing about buying gas from Sam’s club is that the prices are reduced to 10% to 20% of the average cost. However, gas prices vary depending on your state. This is caused by varying taxes, supply, demand, and inflation. Here are some of the prices of gas in some states:

  • Florida: $3.19
  • California: $4.20.
  • Texas: $2.75.
  • Alabama: $2.80.
  • Arizona: $3.30.
  • Georgia: $3.10.
  • Ohio: $3.00.

When you buy gas from Sam’s club, be rest assured that you are buying from a consistent company. Sam’s Club helps its members to save money when they buy gas by making it cheaper.


How does Sam’s club make gas cheaper?

Sam’s club is the best way to save money on gas. Here are some ways Sam’s club saves cost for gas:

  • Sam’s Club Credit Card: The Sam’s Club credit card allows members to earn rewards whenever they use the card to fill their car.
  • Sam’s Club Membership: The basic membership plan provides members with minimal savings and other perks at the pump.
  • Sam’s Club Membership Plus: The membership plus card gives members the opportunity to save even more. You can get up to 5% back when you invest in a Sam’s Club Membership card.

The above list is ways in which Sam’s club provides a lower cost of gas for all its members.

Do I need to be a Sam’s Club member to pump gas?

Yes, the majority of Sam’s club gas stations are open to only members. To be a valid member, you need to have Sam’s club card.

Can you get gas from Sam’s Club 24/7?

Unfortunately, Sam’s club gas stations are not open 24/7. The standard opening hours for Sam’s club are from 6:00am- 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday and 9:00am – 7:00pm on Sundays.

Is fuel from Sam’s Club a Top Tier brand?

Fuel from Sam’s club is not top tier. It is alright to use a non-top tier gas but there are some advantages of using a top tier gas in your vehicle.

When is Sam’s Club Gas open?

Unlike other gas stations, Sam’s club is not open 24/7. Here are the hours when Sam’s club gas stations are open;

Days Hours
Sunday 6:00am—7:00pm
Monday 6:00am—7:00pm
Tuesday 6:00am—7:00pm
Wednesday 6:00am—7:00pm
Thursday 6:00am—7:00pm
Friday 6:00am—7:00pm
Saturday 6:00am—7:00pm
Sunday 9:00am—­7:00pm


These are the hours when Sam’s Club gas stations are available.

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