GooJara: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

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There is no limit to what you can do on the internet today, so there are a lot of movies and TV series websites all over the internet world. Anytime you visit the internet in search of a movie or TV show you want to download or stream online, a lot of websites do appear.

GooJara: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

Some of these websites are paid and some are free to use; if you ask a user which they prefer to use, they will tell you the free one. You might have heard of the word GooJara, or you may not; well GooJara isn’t just a word it is a name given to a website.

About the GooJara Website

GooJara is an online website that is based on entertainment, on it, you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows for free at no cost using your mobile phone and laptop.

You will find the latest released and trending movies and TV series in HD cinema quality both video and audio to stream online without paying or signing up for any membership plan.

One thing I like about the GooJara ch website is its unlimited streaming; imagine when there is no limit to how you can watch movies and TV series online. Films on GooJar are fun and interesting to watch, you can get access to stream and download the latest and trending or the newly released ones on the internet.

Any movies you are looking for, you will find on the website; if you’re a fan of Hindi movies, you can stream lots of Indian movies or TV series online for free.

You can download full movies and complete seasonal movies and TV shows, every one of them, an episode of the TV series via this website for free.

Movies and TV series on the Goo Jara site of a kind, you will find old and new movies and series to watch online and download offline for free.


  1. Action.
  2. Adventure.
  3. Animation.
  4. Biography.
  5. Comedy.
  6. Crime.
  7. Documentary.
  8. Drama.
  9. Family.
  10. Fantasy.
  11. Film-Noir.
  12. Game-Show.
  13. History.
  14. Horror.
  15. Music.
  16. Musical.
  17. Mystery.
  18. News.
  19. Reality-TV.
  20. Romance.
  21. Sci-Fi.
  22. Sport.
  23. Talk-Show.
  24. Thriller.
  25. War.
  26. Western.
  27. Adult.

Outside the category, you can make use of the GooJara popular section to look for the movies and TV series you want to stream online or download offline.

If you are a fan of action movies and TV shows, you are in the right place to get them, this site is filled with lots of amazing action movies and TV shows to watch and download.


The search feature on the website lets you easily find what you want to watch with the name of the movie or TV series. Just type the name of the movie or series into the search box, and tap on the search icon.

Then a list of results will appear, displaying different movies and TV series based on your search query. Then it is now up to you to choose from the display list, the movie or TV shows you want to watch.

Search for Movies and TV Series on GooJara by Year

You find or search for movies and TV series on the GooJara website, based on the year it was released on the internet.

GooJara App

Their website doesn’t only work with a web feature, it also has a mobile app. Fans of the GooJara movies and its TV site can download and install the mobile app on their phone.

The app works best when streaming your favorite movie or TV shows, it is swift and convenient. You can easily get updated, for newly released movies and TV series that have just been uploaded to its platform.

Request for a Movie or TV Shows

On the GooJara movie website, you can request any movie or TV series you want to watch online, that you couldn’t find on its platform. To make a request, you need to sign up for an account. Only registered users on the GoJara movie site can request movies and TV series they can’t find on the website.

How to watch Movies and TV Shows on GooJara

With the GooJara streaming Website, you can stream any movie or TV series online with ease; you just need a good internet connection. Here is how to stream online on Goo Jara:

  1. Open any of your web browsers.
  2. Go to
  3. Look for the movie or series.
  4. You can search for it, use the category, or use the navigation next page option.
  5. When you find the movie or show you want to watch, click on it.

It will direct you to the movie or TV series page, where you will see all the information regarding the movie or TV Series.

You could even try to watch the trailer of the movie or series if you haven’t watched it before. If you don’t want to, you can just go straight to watching your movie or series.

  • Now you can click on the Play

This platform has a good video player; immediately after you click on the Big Play button, the video player loads the movie or TV shows and it displays the video fast based on your internet speed.

GooJara Download

As stated earlier the GooJara platform has different or a lot of domain URLs bearing the same name. On most of the sites, you will come across on the internet, users are able to download movies and TV series to watch offline on their devices.

You can download any 2021 movies from the GooJara website, or even movies or TV series from other years like 2022, 2020, and years backward or years to come if the Goo Jara site is still available for access then.

GooJara Alternative

There are many alternative websites to GooJara out there, where you can stream any movie and series online. They do offer the same features as the GooJar site; movies and TV series are free and a lot more. Below are the movies and TV shows websites like the GoJara site:

  1. EZTV.
  2. Rainierland.
  3. OnionPlay.
  4. LosMovies.
  5. HitMovies.
  6. MoviesFlix.
  7. VegaMovies.
  8. VexMovies.
  9. FZMovies.
  10. Popcornflix.
  11. FMovies.
  12. MovieWatcher.
  13. Movcr.
  14. MoviesJoy.
  15. SFlix.
  16. LookMovies.
  17. MovieOrca.
  18. TheMoviesFlix.

With the above list of names are movies and TV series websites like GooJara; you can try them out should in any case the GooJara site can’t be accessed.


What is GooJara Club?

The GooJara club is not a midnight club, it is an online platform that is based mainly on entertainment. It offers movies and TV series for users to stream online for free with either their mobile phone or their PC computer (also known as Desktop devices).

Is GooJara Legal?

No! The website GooJara is not a legal platform; the Goo Jara site is a pirated site. It offers access to movies and TV series to users, without the awareness or permission of the original copyright owners. So, if you are asking or want to know if the GooJara website is illegal, yes it is an illegal platform.

Is GooJara Blocked?

This website is also known as GooJara Movies; although the official website is Here is what happened to Goojara, it has been blocked by worldwide Government bodies, as it was a pirated website.

What Can I Use Instead of GooJara?

Since GooJara is an illegal website, it is advisable you make use of this legal movie and TV series platform like,,, and a lot more.

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