Google Forms; How to Use & Login

Google forms are a part of Google’s suite of web-based apps, including Google docs, Google Sheets, Google slides, and more. Google has made Google forms to be one of the easiest ways to collect data and save it spontaneously to spreadsheets. With Google forms, users can produce and analyze surveys and quizzes directly from their web browser without using special software.

Google Forms; How to Use & Login

Google has continued to differentiate itself from other similar online software.  This is because Google has added a whole lot of features for customization. Google forms utilize the question-and-answer format to offer tools based on your response.

Is There a Google Forms App?

No, there is no google forms app available for download on any mobile device, and google does not have intentions of releasing a Google Forms app. However, Google Forms can be easily accessed on any web browser by typing “”.

Is Google Forms Free?

Google Forms is totally free. You do not need to pay to use google forms services. This makes it accessible to everyone that is interested in using the Google forms services.

Features of Google Forms

Google has made google forms very easy to use and understand. All the features that are embedded in google forms have been made to meet the user’s expectations, and give maximum satisfaction when doing work on the platform. The features that make google forms one of the best are listed below;

  • Google forms have a wide variety of premade templates that make working easy and saves a lot of time. The best feature of the templates is it is still customizable. This is to enable users to make and recreate them as they want. Templates are divided into three main groups which are; Personal, work, and education. Users can pick from the various templates from the three main groups of templates and they are sure to find one that suits the event they want to do.
  • It is equipped with various question formats that your intended respondents can communicate with. The available formats include; Short answers, paragraphs, checkboxes, dropdown, file upload, linear scale, date, and time. The variety of formats available makes it almost impossible for you to have issues finding one that suits you.
  • Google questionnaire has introduced what is called Conditional logic. This simply is a feature that causes processes to differ based on the previous input of the respondent. This is unarguably one of the most advanced features of Google Forms.
  • It also has a file upload element. This feature enables users to be able to submit files via Google Forms. This element can be utilized for users that are to receive job applications or quiz or essay submissions.

The features of google forms are what make it stand out among other paid form builders. It is very flexible, customizable, and easy to utilize.

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How to Use Google Forms

Google Forms is very easy and simple to use. It is suitable for collecting data and getting accurate results that fit your taste. You can sign in to Google Forms if you have a google account. I will be listing the steps to how to use the Google forms platform.

  • Since google form isn’t available as an app, you can access it on your web browser by searching “
  • Templates are readily available but you can start from scratch if you want.
  • Create your form or quiz by adding, editing, and adding format texts, images, or videos in a form or quiz.
  • Select where you want to save the responses you get from the survey and quiz
  • Distribute your form to people and collect their responses.

This is the simplified way of using a google form to create either survey or a quiz. Using google Forms is very easy to use and it provides good results. Google Forms gives accurate analysis when forms are done thus helping users understand them better.

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Google Forms Login

All users can login to their google form account by following some short steps which are;

  • Go to your web browser and locate the search box
  • Visit
  • Enter your email address or phone number
  • Tap on next and enter your password and you would be on the Google Forms page

The steps to login to your google Forms account are easy and simple to do. You can log in on any device with a web browser.

Google forms are widely used to make surveys, quizzes, and others. It allows for gathering different kinds of data and information in an easy and accurate way. Google forms are easily accessible on all web browsers and free for all users. This is why it is preferred by a vast number of users.

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