GoCash Loan App – How to Apply for Go Cash Loan

Are you looking to get a quick loan, an online loan in Nigeria? You can get quick, fast loans with a lower interest rate on the Go Cash loan app. The GoCash loan app is a quick online loans app in Nigeria by GoCash support. You can download the app on the Google play store and apply for the GoCash. The app is available for residents in Nigeria, having over 100k+ downloads.

GoCash Loan App - How to Apply for Go Cash Loan

Benefits of Go Cash Loan App

This loan app comes with an amazing offer that will help benefits you as a Nigerian. It is advisable to take full advantage of the GoCash loan app.

  1. If offers users loan up to NGN 300,000.
  2. No mortgage required to apply for a loan, you don’t have to submit any collateral.
  3. It has a low-interest rate when paying your loan money back.
  4. A long-time loan payback.
  5. It is safe and quick when applying.

Go Cash app has a loan repayment period of 3 to 6 months, in some cases, your GoCash app loan repayment period might be 91 days to 365 days. You can borrow a minimum loan of NGN 5000 and a maximum loan of up to NGN 300,000.

GoCash loan app has a monthly interest rate range from 4.5% to 34% and an APR (Annual percentage rate) of 29% to 365%. Your loan interest payment rate depends on the amount of loan you borrow through the Go Cash loan app.

Requirement/Eligibility for GoCash Loans

To apply for personal loans on the GoCash app, you must be of age 20 to 55 years old. And the person should possess a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and an ATM card. The borrower must be a resident of Nigerian.

GoCash Loan App Download

Download and Install the Go Cash loan app, it’s currently available on the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the loan app.
  2. Register for an account.

Then you can start your loan application, but first your need to make sure you have all your basic information ready.

How to Apply for Loans on GoCash App

During the Go Cash loan application, you might be asked to submit a means of verification, like a government-issued ID or others.

  1. Open the GoCash app.
  2. Click on the apply for loan button.
  3. Choose the loan product you want to apply for.
  4. Provide your basic information.
  5. Then submit your loan application.

After approval, you will receive your loan funds into your bank account. After you get your loan, check out your loan repayment period and interest rates. And note, make sure to always keep track of your loan due date, to avoid paying other additional fees for late payment.

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