How to Get a Covid-19 Certificate for your Travel

This article will help you out on how you can get a Covid-19 Certificate for your Travel from Lagos Nigeria

Gone are the days when everyone could travel as they wish and gather as they want without having to go through the covid 19 guidelines, recommendations, and requirements. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a whole lot has changed in the country and in the world at large. This ranges from the educational system, health care system, social occasions, to the sports industry. And of course, the travel/tourism industry was not left out of the mess.

How to Get a Covid-19 Certificate for your Travel

The Covid -19 virus affected a whole lot of people in the year 2020, and since then till now. We, humans, are still dealing with not just the effect of the pandemic. But also the new variants of the virus that keeps mutating and getting discovered by the day.

Variants for Covid-19

Some of the commonly known variants include the delta variant and the omicron variant, which was first identified in South Africa. Now, scientists and researchers have managed to produce vaccines to protect individuals from this deadly virus. However, alongside the fear of the virus is the fear of the vaccine.

Although governments have been able to get the covid-19 vaccine across the country, they are still facing the challenge of vaccine hesitancy. A situation where many individuals are hesitant to take the covid 19 vaccine despite knowing how bad the virus is. The vaccine hesitancy is arguably due to the several myths, rumors, and banters flying around the internet.

Reasons Why People Haven’t Taken the Vaccine?

A lot of people are waiting to see the effect of the vaccine on others before making their decisions. And some see no reason to take a vaccine for a virus they believe never existed. While some individuals believe the myth that the vaccine alters human DNA.

Some others believe the vaccine causes infertility and abortion of fetal tissue and these several rumors. Also, the myth of the vaccine is most likely the cause of the low turnout for vaccination in Nigeria.

According to the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), only 14.2% of Nigeria’s population has been vaccinated. And of this vaccinated population, only 4.3% have taken the second dose of vaccine, that is, have been fully vaccinated.

There are several types of covid 19 vaccines, these include the Oxford–AstraZeneca, Moderna, Janssen, Sputnik V, Pfizer–BioNTech, and Sinopharm BIBP, however. Only two types are in deployment in the country and these two vaccines include the Moderna vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

All governments in every country have feared that traveling from one country to another could severely increase the spread of the deadly virus at the airport, during the journey. And at the travel destination, and this is why the Covid-19 travel requirements were introduced.

One of these requirements includes the Covid-19 certificate;

This certificate serves as proof (a document in paper or digital format) that international travelers have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. However, the digital documentation of the Covid-19 certificate serves the same purpose as the paper-based vaccination card.

All thanks to the guidelines, vaccines and other Covid-19 recommendations, everyone can now slowly go back to our normal way of life. Even though it might take forever to adjust to the already done deeds of the virus but despite the effect of the virus.

How to get a Covid-19 Certificate in Lagos?

1. Book an Appointment:

Get a Covid-19 Certificate to Book an Appointment

The first step to take to get your covid-19 certificate is to book an appointment for your vaccination by registering online. Without pre-registration, you might not be allowed into the vaccination site. To register online, visit the E-registration portal of the NPHCDA, fill out the form, and submit it. Then the scheduled time to get your vaccine would be communicated to you.

2. Be Fully Vaccinated:

Get a Covid-19 Certificate to Be Fully Vaccinated

The only way to get the covid 19 certificate is to be fully vaccinated, that is, you have to take the two doses of vaccine. Although this card will be given after your first dose if the second dose is not taken then the card is yet to meet the international traveling requirement of the country.

It should also be noted that you have to take the second dose of vaccine at the vaccination site where the first shot was given. After taking the two doses of vaccines, your vaccine passport (certificate) would be given with all the covid-19 requirements contained in it.

QR Code on the Vaccine Passport

The QR code on the vaccine passport is what is required by the presidential task force for traveling out of the country. Once the QR code is scanned it brings out all the necessary information to prove your vaccination, it shows your photograph, the type of vaccine taken, when the doses were taken, and other required information.

It also contains the batch number of the vaccine taken. The major covid 19 travel requirement for traveling out of the country includes; valid evidence of full vaccination against Covid-19, or a negative Covid-19 PCR test done no longer than 48 hours before departure.

In addition, travelers may be required to take a second Covid-19 test in the transit airport or at the final destination. Well, it is based on the airline, transit airport, or final destination travel requirements.

When to Get Vaccinated?

It is advised that you get vaccinated weeks or months before traveling, because of the possible side effects that might be experienced after vaccination. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); side effects are normal signs that the body is building protection and go away within a few days.

Fever, headache, fatigue, and pain at the injection site are the most commonly experienced side effects, and these effects usually range from mild to moderate. However, It should be noted that a person is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose.

Regardless of if you are traveling internationally or not, as far as movement and physical contact with people is involved. It is important that you get vaccinated since vaccines are still the best-known way to stay protected from the deadly virus and to slow the spread of the virus.

New variants of the virus are expected to occur and getting a Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to slow the emergence of new variants. No one is safe until everyone is safe.

Follow all the airline requirements, your country’s travel requirements as well as the requirements of your travel destination, and comply fully with all Covid-19 directives.

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