Best Family Resorts to Stay at When You’re in Bangalore

Family Resorts in Bangalore to Stay; Bangalore is renowned for being a paradise for solo, couple, and group travelers. Bangalore has evolved into the next Goa, even though it lacks a beach. Banglore is the first destination that comes to mind when you want to go out and have a good time.

Best Family Resorts to Stay at When You're in Bangalore

Yes, Banglore is exactly that. Hold on, that’s only one aspect of Bangalore; otherwise, you didn’t fully explore the city. A different side of Bangalore has attractions, locations, and resorts that provide a full retreat for the family crowd.

We understand how challenging it is for you to organize a family vacation. Family hotels in Bangalore may be the first challenge or item you search for. It’s time to stop your research, please.

You’re correct, of course! Put an end to your suffering; this blog will assist you in finding some of the best and most distinctive family hotels in Bangalore.

To learn more about the family resorts in Bangalore and to find some incredible deals, scroll down and thoroughly read the list.

The best time to visit the family resorts in Bangalore is even more crucial to consider first.

Bangalore is typically a year-round vacation spot. The weather is mostly just wonderful and calming. Bangalore has a cozy and soothing climate. This location is ideal for families because of the atmosphere and climate throughout the year.

Nearly all of Bangalore’s hotels offer enticing discounts and promotions. You can get some great discounts and deals during both the monsoon and winter seasons.

In addition, you can travel to Bangalore’s family resorts from July to February. The majority of Bangalore’s hotels offer special holiday deals and discounts during the month of December.

Time to discover the treasures: Bangalore’s top 7 family resorts

1. Guhantara Resort

You can’t help but fall in love with the majestic Guhantara Resort’s atmosphere when you first see it. It also appears to be a dream from which you don’t want to awaken. Your paradise is waiting, family travelers.

One of the best family resorts in Bangalore is decorated with a cave theme. When you and your family enter, it feels quite exotic. Being an underground resort, visiting this location is even more exciting.

It is ideal for anyone looking for a break from their routine lifestyle. Make sure you have everything scheduled and booked in advance.

2. Shilhaandara Resort

Visit Shilhaandara Resort with loved ones for a restorative experience! One of the best family resorts in Bangalore is situated at the base of the Ramnagara rocks. Y

ou can let your inner nature lover loose at the resort with its lush vegetation. Around 55 km separate Bangalore from this stone resort that connects to nature.

Games like paintball, zorbing, and rope courses, will unquestionably keep you and your family entertained. The resort also has a fantastic pool and many other indoor and outdoor activities.

3. The Bangalore Jain Farms

Jain Farms is a fantastic resort in Bangalore that is tucked away among the natural beauty. This serene area is ideal for a night’s stay because it has a breathtaking atmosphere and the air is fresh.

There are many farms and farmhouses scattered across the verdant lawns, making for one of the best experiences you can have.

The lush green surroundings also allow for a wide variety of activities. It will also be a paradise if you want to host a gathering for your family or the general public.

4. Vana Resort

Vana resort is one of Bangalore’s family-friendly resorts with the lowest price tags. It is renowned for its ayurvedic treatments and small-scale trekking opportunities. The therapy sessions at the resort will undoubtedly refresh both your body and mind.

Additionally, the resort provides the best experience for the outdoor activities they have available. Lunch options are plentiful, and the resort’s view is outstanding.

5. Rd Nature Retreat

The property lets you unwind in peace away from the bustle of the city because it is surrounded by lush green beauty. In addition to being one of the best family resorts in Bangalore, Rd Nature Retreat is also the ideal location to reconnect with nature.

In addition, you can hear the sound of the gushing water, the tune of the tweeting birds, and the cool breeze as soon as you enter the resort. You will be amazed by the hum of the bees and the scent of the wildflowers.

You can play a variety of sports while you’re there, including table tennis, volleyball, carom, football, chess, badminton, cricket, and human football. After a long day, unwind in the pool with your kids or take in the beauty of the made-up waterfall.

6. Bangalore’s Royal Orchid Resorts

You will have an incredible, one-of-a-kind stay experience at Royal Orchid, which is situated in an 8-acre, vast, lush green area. You can book accommodations at this resort that resemble huts and cottages.

A unique resort where you can unwind and take in the peace and quiet of the location. You have plenty of room at the resort to move around and take in the lush vegetation. If you also want to host significant family gatherings, the location is ideal.

7. Mango Mist Resort

The Mango Mist Resort will astound you with its incredible options for those of you seeking the most mystical and best in-house multi-cuisine restaurant experience in Bangalore.

It offers a wide selection of cuisine, but there are also a lot of different activities you can choose from. You can experience peace and tranquility at the resort as well.

It’s located in a remote area, far from the blaring horns of the busy city. Another location that is ideal for families to enjoy some quality time together without any further questions or concerns


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