Facebook Pay – How Facebook Payments Works | Setup Facebook Pay Account

How does Facebook payment works or how you can Setup a payment account on the Facebook messenger pay app? Facebook pay is one of the newly used secured ways you can use to make payments online on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can make use of the Facebook pay feature to make payments around the apps. With Facebook Payment, users can now easily make payment online after they finish purchasing an item. You can easily send money to a friend, love one’s, and family on the Facebook app, using the new payment method. You can make use of Facebook Pay via the Facebook Pay app.

Facebook Pay - How Facebook Payments Works | Setup Facebook Pay Account

Facebook Pay lets you shop on Marketplace, locate or discover the best deals from your favorite brands, and buy eye catches items from Facebook Marketplace. With the Facebook Payment system, you can donate to the Facebook Fundraisers showing your support for personal and charities that matter to you. Do you want to go to an event, you can purchase tickets? Also, buy games and make use of any of the Facebook watch premium content.

How Facebook Payments Works

Facebook payment method works well with your PayPal account, and a Credit or Debit card, Visa, MasterCard, and lot more. You can make use of the already Facebook app, you don’t need to download an additional app. Also, you can get started within a second. You just have to add your credit card or debit card, or PayPal email and there you go.

Make Payment Effortlessly

You don’t have to be seared of the system, it one of the most secure and simplest ways for online shopping, making donations, or sending money to your friends.

Using Facebook pay, you can keep track of all your transaction you have done. You can do that with the Payment history option.

Sending money or receiving money from or to friends and family, there is no attached fee, using Messenger or WhatsApp.

Setup Facebook Pay Account

You can Setup your Facebook Payment account using the Facebook app and website.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Facebook Pay” on the App or Website.
  3. Then click on “Add a payment method”.

When you finally add a payment method to your Facebook pay account, you have fully enabled the feature for sending and receiving and payment for items on Facebook.

How to Secure Your Facebook Payment

You can secure all your payment transactions if you are in control of everything. You will have to set a verification method for every transaction or payment you want to process. By doing that, you will have to create a pin or make use of Fingerprint or Facial recognition. Doing this will help keep your payment account information secure from anyone.

Only you will then have access to make use of your Facebook payment account, no one else can have access to it. Only if you let them.

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