How to get my Facebook Dating Profile Back after Deleting It

The aforementioned information is for those who do not know anything about Facebook dating. In this article, we will be discussing what Facebook dating is, how to get it back you’re your dating profile after deleting it and how to create it as a first-time user.

How to get my Facebook Dating Profile Back after Deleting It

What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating is just like an in-built tinder app embedded in Facebook. It creates matches connecting people in the extraordinary cycle we call “Love”. You can send private messages and chat with people but it doesn’t really lose its Facebook charm and more.

Long-term relationships can, have, and will continue to be created using the Facebook dating app. If you are also not looking for anything serious but just want to connect with the right people, it is also the right place for you.

How to get back to Facebook Dating

First, it would be good to know that any information put into your Facebook dating profile, or chats and will be lost and cannot be recovered. That is, you cannot get them back once your account/profile has been deleted.

Second, in the case that you wish to create a new account/ profile, for dating again on Facebook, or you are new in general to the whole Facebook dating thing, a guideline will be provided in this article to fix that little problem.

What happened to my Facebook Dating Profile After I Deleted it?

As stated earlier, deleting your Facebook dating profile cause only you to lose every single piece of information put in it, including your dating answers, likes, matches, and conversations had with matches.

Though you will be losing all information your matches will still have access to all your conversations with them. Deleting your profile will not deny them access to your chats with them.

If you do wish to get back to dating on Facebook dating, you will need to wait seven days to create a new profile all over again. If you do try to create an account before then you may receive a message saying:

Limit Reached

However, you can’t create a new dating profile at this time because you deleted your account in the last seven days. You can try again later. You may not see this message on older versions of Facebook though.

How to create a new Facebook Dating Profile for the first time (or After Deleting it)

First, take note that Facebook dating is not available for everyone, the location varies. So before you begin make sure to turn on your Location services for Facebook (link). Now to create your profile:

  1. Go to your Facebook app and click on the three aligned bars at the top of the screen and then tap Dating with a red heart attached to it.
  2. Next or even skip ahead to the next question.
  3. Review your profile details and then click on
  4. To complete your profile and add more details and pictures click on one of the options below:
  • Preview suggested profiles: to automatically use information and pictures from your normal Facebook profile
  • Complete profile manually: to add pictures and details manually

If you chose to complete it manually you will be brought with several choices. First, you need to pick your gender identity. You are required to pick the one closest to yours.

The gender identity options are as follows:

  1. Woman.
  2. Man.
  3. Let me be more specific.
  • Cis Woman.
  • Trans woman.
  • Cis man.
  • Trans man.
  • Non-binary person.

Then you will be required to pick your match’s gender identity.

If you are cis-gendered but want to match with trans or non-binary people:

  1. When selecting your own gender choose let me be more specific.
  2. Tap Cis woman or Cis man.

If you identify as trans, you need to choose who can see your profile. For example:

  • Everyone: those who want to date cis, trans, and non-binary people.
  • All gender): those interested in dating both cis and trans.
  • Trans (gender): those interested in dating trans but not cis.

Now, your profile is complete and you can start dating (again).


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