Facebook Dating; How it Works and Safety Tips for Dating

Facebook Dating lets you find love through what you like doing, create your dating profile today and meet people who like what you like on Facebook groups and events. Facebook as a dating platform offers single women and men the ability to use its platform in search of a relationship.


How does Facebook Dating work?

Dating on Facebook works like other dating sites on the internet, in dating you are able to send messages and likes to people you have an interest in. Here is how it now works, when you receive a like back, Facebook will then match you and the person up. Both of you can now start chatting in Dating.

Note that Facebook dating is absolutely different from that of your Facebook profile. Dating on FB, you will be creating or setting up a different profile. It’s just that you don’t need to create a new Facebook account. You can make use of your existing Facebook account.

When Facebook wants to match or suggest singles on Dating, you won’t come across any of your Facebook friends. None of your FB friends would know you joined Dating. Facebook has designed Dating in a way that your Dating profile or Dating messages, would show up on your Facebook News Feed. None even your likes or match will display on your News Feed either.

You won’t be are to access your Dating message from the Messenger app, all Dating Message is separate from that of your Messenger chat.

How to Find Facebook Dating with the Facebook App?

Only users who are eligible to use Facebook Dating App will be able to access the below dating steps;

  1. On your mobile phone, iOS, or Android, login to your Facebook account.
  2. Tap on the Menu button and the top right side.
  3. Then Tap on Dating.

After which you will be asked to create your dating profile. There are other ways you can access the Dating platform. You can type in “Facebook Dating” into the search bar and make a search. Then click on the Dating shortcut.

Facebook Dating Safety Tips

There is a lot of information you can use your help keep you safe from online scammers who claim to love you. You can be the best judge of your safety.

Meeting Someone Online

  1. You should never send anyone your last name, email, financial information, phone number, home address, working place, or any information which could identify you. Share information carefully on your Fb Dating profile and chat messages with anyone.
  2. Watch out for Scams who create fake dating profiles and tell you they love you. In other cases, which would later ask you for money or tell you to leave the Dating platform to make use of personal email or IM chat.
  3. Never send money to anyone or make a donation to anyone through any payment means, like a wire transfer. Or the user asked you to visit your bank and pay money to any account. Avoid doing such an assignment.
  4. Meeting someone online is advisable you need to know who he or she is. And what is his or her intention towards you?

Meeting in Person

  1. Tell someone about your plans before you go out to meet any person, so they should be expecting you to return home at any specified time.
  2. Make sure you meet the person in a public place where people can see what going on.
  3. Make you don’t any alcoholic substances.
  4. Go along with your mobile phone and make sure it fully charges.
  5. Make sure you arrange money for transportation, which would help you control your arrival and leave back home.

Note if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with someone, you can end the date, block the person, or report the person.


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